Juan Carlos Gené (* November 6, 1929,) is an actor and playwright Argentine, with prominent Trade Union and political action.

He was President and Secretary general of the Argentina of actors Association, director general 7 channel and director general of Teatro San Martín of Buenos Aires. He is director of the CELCIT, finding its Institute for theatre studies for Latin America, headquartered in Bolivar 825, Buenos Aires (San Telmo neighborhood).

Some of the works which is as a writer are La Raulito, Thing Juzgada, shock to my door, English, sleep and wakefulness, Ulf, etc.


In the 1960s he stood as a playwright and actor with memorable acting jobs in Cabrero Tute and Quebracho, movies as well as librettist Juzgada thing on television and in film with La Raulito.

Due to the military dictatorship installed in Argentina in 1976 Gené was exile, settling in Venezuela, where he lived until 1993. There he founded in 1983, the 80 acting group to CELCIT, with actors as Fermin Reyna and aroldo Betancourt.

He returned to his country in 1992, serving as general manager of channel 7 and director general of Teatro San Martín of Buenos Aires.

Directs the Institute for theatre studies for Latin America, CELCIT, based in Buenos Aires (San Telmo neighborhood).


His work, all green and lilac tree (2007), is written from a series of actual letters of a young girl Jewish persecuted in Europe in the 1930s, tries desperately to emigrate to Buenos Aires, but due to the resistance of the Argentine authorities to allow the immigration of Jews, and that ends up being murdered by the nazis. Juan Carlos Gené is in the works as author and director, talking freely to the public and guide about the circumstances of the facts.



1. Shock at my door (1994)

2. The salt of the Earth (short – 1990)

3. Thank you for the fire (1983)


1. Shock at my door (1994)

2. The Raulito (1975)


1. Martín Fierro: the movie (2007), Justice of the peace (voice)

2. Angel diva and I (1999), Actor Ferreyros

3. Shock at my door (1994)

4. The children of Fierro (1975)

5. Quebracho (1974), Tochia

6. Paula against half plus one (1971), Ice Cream

7. Shooting of grace (1969)

8. Don Segundo Sombra (1969)

9. The fiaca (1969)

10. Cabrero tute (1968), Carlos Parenti



1. Santa (1997)

2. “Gringos” (1984) (miniseries)

3. “Bird Angel” (1974)

4. “Someone like you” (1973)

5. “Someone like you” (1973)

6. “Jeopardy” (1969)


1. “Jeopardy” (1969)

2. “High comedy” (1965)

3. Hamlet (1964/II), polonium

Minetti (2009)



1. All green and a tree lilac (2007)

2. Ritorno Corallina

3. Sleep and wakefulness (1992)

4. Memorial of the Lamb slain (about Federico García Lorca) (1990)

5. Ulf (1989)

6. The sea is my Mare, on texts by Federico García Lorca

7. Shock at my door

8. Delicate creatures of air (about Federico García Lorca)

9. Body in the orange trees (about Federico García Lorca)

10. Peppermint (about Federico García Lorca)

11. I had a sea (about Federico García Lorca)

12. English (1974)

13. No more fun (1967)

14. The blacksmith and the Devil (1955)


* Awards ACE (2006): Best film