Juan Manuel Cotelo Onate (1966) is an Spanish journalist. He has also worked in the audiovisual world both screenwriter and film director.


Born in Madrid and took a degree in journalism from the University of Navarra, started working in television as an editor of an News Agency. Also worked on other facets of the audiovisual world: advertising, video clips and productions for television, particularly on International Television Productions Galindo producer. It has been an actor in films Torremolinos 73 (2004), Pablo berger; and on television shows such as co-workers (1998-2002), Javier already not living alone (2002), 7 vidas (2001-2004), Central Hospital (2005) and the Commissioner (2006).

With 30 years decided to make the leap to feature-length of a script that was long maturing: Mockingbirds sweat (1998). The film is a comedy-drama about emigration, starring the prestigious alexandru agarici Romanian cellist and whose screenplay was awarded at the II meeting University of Huelva Ibero-American film.

In 2007 he directed the short films “Is not an NGO” and “Short decaffeinated” alongside Antonio Esteve, Alexis Martinez and Jorge Garcia.

In 2010 he directed the last Summit, a documentary based on the life of Pablo Dominguez Prieto, Madrid priest who died in February 2009 in an accident to descend the top of the Moncayo, when he was 42 years old.