Kevin Patrick Smith (born 2 August 1970) is founder of View Askew Productions, United States film director and screenwriter. Also known as comic book writer and actor, although he himself has criticized his way of acting.

Biography and works

Kevin Smith was born and grew up in the Highlands, New Jersey, which feels very proud city which can be observed in all of his films. His first film, Clerks, was filmed at the store in which worked and to make it had to sell his comic book collection [1] recovered after the success of the same. Won the most important Festival of Sundance, in 1994, and was released later by Miramax.Es studies the film more fundraising obtained regarding which cost after the Blair Witch Project [2] the caló movie as well Studios signed Smith to make more movies following it Mallrats. During filming, Smith joined his friends and stars near his upcoming movie, Ben Affleck, and Jason Lee and his new girlfriend, Joey Lauren Adams. Smith said that his relationship with Adams was an inspiration for his next movie, Chasing Amy, Smith who won a few awards independent comedy drama. Around the same time of Chasing Amy, he met his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach.

After Chasing Amy, Smith led dogma, a controversial film about Christianity. Smith’s wife gave birth to her first daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Harley Quinn and Jennifer have two small roles in what would be his next film, Jay and silent Bob strike back. In this comedy heroes worship, Jay and silent Bob want to stop the production of a film made about them, find true love, and save your monkey.

Smith has also written screenplays for Daredevil or Green Arrow. Also wrote a script for a new Superman film, but did leave the project. Smith has three more films to work for the coming years and has opened a comics shop, has a production company, writes articles for the magazine arena, and makes short films for the Jay Leno show. His last films so far have been the second part of his first successful film, called “Clerks II” and the movie “Zack and Miri make a porno” is creative consultant and directed the first episode of the Reaper. Recently been known that you will lead the first six episodes of the second season of the popular Heroes TV series also was going to write and direct the new project Heroes Origins but the writers strike postponed the project indefinitely.

* Smith’s movies are usually starring actors, including Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Ali Larter, Jason Mewes and Matt Damon. Other famous as Chris Rock, Jason Biggs, Shannen Doherty, George Carlin, Shannon Elizabeth, Ethan Suplee, Joe Quesada and Alanis Morissette actors have also participated in his films. Kevin Smith appears in most of his films (except for A Jersey girl and Zack and Miri Make a Porno), and always doing the same role; of Bob the silent (Silent Bob).

* Was co-executive producer for the Indomitable Will Hunting film in 1998 helping friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to make his film and marketing. After Damon and Affleck received an Academy Award for his screenplay, although critics allege that Kevin was responsible for the script, vehemently denies rumor

* In 1997, Kevin was hired by New Line for rewriting Overnight Delivery (1998), which is only expected to become another American bad video store movie. The bride of Kevin Smith then, Joey Lauren Adams almost takes the role of Ivy film instead of the protagonist in Chasing Amy. Finally the role fell on Reese Witherspoon and Overnight Delivery step directly to video. Their participation in the film was revealed when Kevin wrote a column on internet

* It is a well-known author of comic books, wrote to Marvel Comics Daredevil and Spider-Man / Black cat for DC Comics, and also has a cameo in the movie Daredevil (2003), starring Ben Affleck. Makes a forensic called Kirby as Jack Kirby, a comic book legend. Joe Quesada is the artist who accompanied him on his stage of the Daredevil comic writer. Quesada is currently editor in Chief of Marvel Comics.

* He made another cameo alongside Jason Mewes, film SCREAM 3; both in its roles of Jay and silent Bob. The scene where appear is one in which actress Courtney Cox, that towards journalist in three parts of SCREAM, and went out on FRIENDS, visiting a friend in a Movie Studio. Then pass through there Jay and Bob with a guide that leads them, along with others, of the study visit. When they see the actress Courtney Cox, shout you something and she sends to paseo.También appears in the jungle of glass 4.0 (hard kill 4.0 in Hispanic America) (2007) (as actor: Freddy Kalludis “Sorcerer” (“the Wizard” in Hispanic America.

* He has also made comics on his own films, including three comics, Clerks; Pursuit of dogma, which takes place between the films Chasing Amy and dogma; and Bluntman and Chronic, comic created by Banky and Holden in Chasing Amy. Kevin said for years that write other comic book based on his films, including Mallrats 2, a sequel to Mallrats, and Bartleby and Loki, based on characters from dogma, but they have not been published. In 1999 he won a Harvey, conceived by its achievements in the comics. It has received much criticism over the delay that completes your comics.

* Regenta “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash” in Red Bank, New Jersey, mainly dedicated to the products of his films, comics shop there is a second store in Westwood area Los Angeles opened in September 2004.

* Not long after Clerks, Kevin Smith launched an idea called “Bussing” about two kids who are “busboys”, i.e. bartender helpers. This idea seems intrincate when in 2005 with marching… film writer and director Rob McKittrick Kevin Smith who appreciated the opportunity now

* Wrote a screenplay for the film Million Dollar Baby.

* Always said his mention of the world gay in his films is to his younger brother Donald Smith, which is openly gay who has always felt that never can see oneself or any homosexual represented on the big screen

* He is known for rewrite scripts, including a draft of the film Bar Coyote. Although according to his statements, no dialogue of his screenplay was released at the end in the film.

* In 2002, pressed to their heads of Miramax to catch rights Gregory McDonal Flech series. I wanted to take the reins of the adaptation of the first book in the series and make it more faithful than the popular version of Chevy Chase. Expected to View Askew Productions with Jason Lee regular cast in the lead, but was vetoed by Bob and Harvey Winstein. In October 2005, Kevin left the project.

* Fiction on Jay and silent Bob strike back movie website became real in 2002, becoming an entertainment for films, music, comics, toys and video game site.

* Comes in a scene from the movie La jungla glass 4.0 (hard kill 4.0 in Hispanic America) (2007) the role of “sorcerer” (“the sorcerer” in Hispanic America), a hacker with comprehensive computer knowledge and fan of Star Wars, which live isolated from the outside world in the basement of the mother house.

* Confirmed to be directed several episodes and will be one of the writers in the successful television series heroes.

* Smith’s daughter is named as the companion of The Joker (Batman archenemy) French Harley Quinn.


Kevin Smith signing autographs in the View Askew booth, Wondercon 2005.


* Prior to Jay and silent Bob strike back films share several situations and characters, like the story of the girl in Jersey that drowns in pool or occurrence in all portrayed by Jason Mewes Jay and silent Bob, played by himself. Jay and silent Bob strike back is the film close to that stage and is not completely understood if are the first due to the number of references to them.

* Commonality in its first phase cinema:

o The world of comics is a very common theme.

+ Mallrats: Stan Lee (the majority of Marvel Comics creator) appears in the film making itself.

+ Chasing Amy: the protagonists are comics cartoonists.

+ Jay and the silent Bob strike back: Jay and the silent Bob dressed in their own comic book characters.

+ Zack and Miri make a porno: there are references of Ziggy and Spider-man.

o Hockey:

+ Clerks: Dante closes the store to play hockey;

+ Mallrats: Brodie playing Sega’s hockey;

+ Chasing Amy: the Alyssa with Holden cabreo in a game of hockey;

+ Dogma: demonic Azrael buddy with skates and ice hockey sticks.

+ We make a porno: favorite hockey protagonist team are zombie Monroeville.

o Shark:

+ Clerks: Randal humming the soundtrack by John Williams while playing with a nacho imitating the shark fin

+ Mallrats: T.S. wants to ask his girlfriend studies universal alongside the animatronic JAWS marriage (and indeed there House); In addition, the names of the protagonists are “T.S. Quint” and Brodie, two of the characters of JAWS.

+ Chasing Amy: Alyssa and Banky begin to compare scars on an equal to shark; scene

o The hero of his films usually has a best friend who carries a backwards baseball cap (e. g. Randal Graves in Clerks, Chasing Amy, Banky Edwards and silent Bob in Jay and silent Bob strike back.)

o Batman I:

+ References to the belt used by Batman I Tim Burton in “MallRats”, “Dogma” and “Jay and the silent Bob strike back”. Belt is always silent Bob which takes Batman Harpoon gun.

o Star Wars:

+ Cameos from Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

+ MallRats:Bob uses “force” to retrieve the videotape with his hands.

+ Jay and the silent Bob strike back: Jay and Bob use a pipe smoking as a “Laser sword” fight “Mark Hamill” (which did Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) makes of himself.

+ Clerks I: Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) maintains a comment in the video store for Quick Stop on the workers of “death star”.

+ Clerks II: Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) declares “The trilogy” fan on the grounds that there is only the Star Wars trilogy to the of “the Lord of the rings” with a client in Mooby´s.

+ Chasing Amy: at the beginning of the film a verbal confrontation occurs between Hooper, a militant Black Panther and Banky comics author. Hooper (Dwight Ewell) mention racial abuse suffered by blacks in the world of comic books and film, in particular in the Star Wars Trilogy by naming the process to Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and the Millennium Falcon.

+ We make a porno: first attempt porn movie film is called “Star Whores” (slut of the universe).

+ Dogma: when Bethany is Jay and silent Bob eating at the beginning of the film, Jay alusion to Han Solo, Chewbacca and Obi Wan cantina scene

* Frequently appear Brian O’Halloran, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee and Scott Mosier.

* Frequent references to the films of John Hughes.

* In Chasing Amy, silent Bob says that he attended a Catholic school, in Jay and silent Bob strike back (Carrie Fisher) nun collected them by car. The Dogme film picks up characters and mythology of Catholicism in humorous. The allusion to Catholicism is constant in the filmography.


He has written and directed the following films considered independent film works:

* Clerks (1994)

* Mallrats (1995)

* Chasing Amy (1997)

* Dogma (1999)

* Jay and silent Bob strike back (2001)

* A Jersey girl (2004)

* Clerks II (2006)

* We make a porn? (2008)

* Network State (2010) (in pre-production)

* Go pair of polis (2010)

* Hit Somebody (2011)



* Marvel Knights Daredevil the fearless man (USA Marvel Knights Daredevil The Man Without Fear 1 to 8). First numbers of the historic Marvel Knights began to orient towards adults Marvel collections with writers of prestige and began with Daredevil. This stage of Daredévil is also known as “Diablo guardian”. The plot revolves around a baby a mysterious young woman comes to Daredevil and which could be the Christian Messiah or the Antichrist with Spider-man, the Black widow and the Doctor strange occurrences. Spain collected in a volume by Panini and published in staple Forum. (1998 1999).

* Spider-man and the Black Cat. Mal Que make Los Hombres (Spider-man and the Black Cat “The Evil That Men Do” 1–6 USA). Oriented adults by its theme (rape and sexual abuse). Revelations about the origins of the black cat and its relationship with Spider-man, Daredevil participation and the emergence of Nightcrawler update. Kevin Smith was delayed in the delivery of the screenplays for the 3 last numbers and the final was awaited for years. Collected in Spain in a Marvel Deluxe volume by Panini (2002-2006).