Lautaro Murúa (Chile;) 1926 – Madrid, Spain; (1995), actor and theatre and film director. He made most of his work at Argentina.


Born on 29 December 1926 in Tacna, Chile. His creative work of significance was in Argentina, where he lived for almost four decades and country where left his legacy as an actor and theatre and film director.

In 1976, due to the political situation, shock from the death of General Perón and the coup of the same year exile in Spain, where he remained until 1983, to then return to Argentina.

As a film actor was stressed in invasion (1969), Chronicle of a lady (1971), Quebracho (1974), the gold pants girl (1979), no more penalties or oblivion (1983), the exile of Gardel (Tangos) (1985) and fever (1992), among many others.

As a film director, his most important films were Shunko (1960), A handsome 900 (1971), La Raulito (1975) and winter quarters (1984), among others.

In one of his last films he played the Bullfighter Juan belmonte Belmonte film.

He died on 3 December 1995 at the age of 69 lung cancer in Madrid.


[Edit] As an actor

Year       As an actor          As director          Other

1996       The forgotten frontier

1995       Belmonte

1993       A wall of silence

1992       The plague

1991       Scream of stone

1990       I, the worst of all

1986       Poor Butterfly

1985       The exile of Gardel

1984       Nights without Moon or soles    Winter quarters

Thank you for the fire

1983       There is no more penalties or forgetfulness

Power game

1982       Paper heart

The triumph of a man called horse

Death in the Vatican

1980       The Carnival of the animals

The gold pants girl

1978       Soldiers


1976       Single

Do not touch the NENA

1975       The surprises     The raulito

Nazareth Cross and the Wolf (1975)        Raulito released

You chantas

1974       The truce


1973       José María and María José: A couple

The revolution

1972       Heroin

The traitors

1971       A handsome 900              Us monkeys (of himself)

The destination

Chronicle of a lady

Argentine to death

1970       The holy sword

1969       Invasion

1968       Martin Fierro

1967       The piranhas

San Ángel traitors

1966       A mask for Ana

All Sun is bitter

The eye that spyware

1965       Pajarito Gómez                                 Dear bellows (voice)

The reñidero

No one heard shouting Cecilio sources

1964       Le retour

Eighth hell

1963       Racconto

Paula captive

1962       To stand

The odd figure

Mission 52

The venerable all

1961       Parole

Alias Gardelito

Thrice Ana

1960       End of party


1959       The fall

What we love

1958       The kidnapper

Too young

Behind of a long wall

In the burning darkness

1957       Casa del ángel

1956       Enigma of women


1955       The Stimulator

The delatora

Concerto a tear

1954       Blood llampo

Confessions at dawn

1950       Blood grooves

The Bewitched

1949       Damn step



* 1979 Awards ACE for best film by La Raulito

* 1962 – Silver Condor for best film, Association Argentina film critics, by Alias Fardelito.

* 1961 – Silver Condor for best film, Association Argentina film critics, by Shunko.    * 1961 – Mar del Plata film festival, best film at Spanish by Shunko.