Leigh Whannell (born 1977 in Melbourne) is an actor and screenwriter Australian


Leigh Whannell was born January 17, 1977 in Melbourne, Australia. Leigh decided to study audiovisual at the Melbourne institute of technology, and there was where he met James wan, which quickly became friends. The two became inseparable and not stopped dreaming on the day on which both together would make a film. But life wasn’t for simply dreaming Leigh had to find the life and work on other things until they could fulfill their dream. From 1997 to 1998 he worked in a program as a film critic and later as a reporter for program ABC In entertainment, a work which consisted of interviewing Hollywood actors or filmmakers that advertised his films. Between film stars Leigh was reaffirmed in what most would like the world would be the power to do and act in a film alongside his friend James.

After a short directed by James and another even shorter short, forgive the repetition of 7 minutes that Leigh was involved as an actor, became his first opportunity as an actor to achieve a small role in matrix reloaded as Axel. He also appeared in the Australian film one perfect day, which was released in 2004 but was filmed in 2002, the same year that the sequel to Matrix. But for Leigh was not enough so in the end he decided to get down to work and he and James were invented a story into a film. Both had clear that if they wanted to draw the attention they needed a story that is attractive and impressive in the eyes of the public, so they decided to by a story in which to develop a series of murders in series. Leigh and James came begin with two men chained in a bath with a corpse in the middle and without knowing what the hell had happened; Thus was born Saw. Once they had the story, Leigh wrote the screenplay and sent him to several Australian producers with no success.

Your agent then sent the script an American producer. Leigh and James decided to play all your cards and putting together all the money that had saved Leigh with his works. Then they shot a short 9 minutes of one of the scenes of the film, directed by James and Leigh actor, recreating the scene of the upside down bear trap. They traveled to Los Angeles to seek fortune and BINGO! The American producer LionsGate was impressed with what he saw and gave them a chance. Not only he gave money to move forward, but also allowed them to keep James in the direction and Leigh on the script and acting, and they got two renowned actors who were cary elwes and danny glover. Although initially Saw going to release directly in videoclubs, the welcome received in the festivals of Sundance and Toronto led to see a premiere by top film in October 2004, achieving a great success, both in no time already is I was talking the sequel which also debuted with great success just one year after the first part. Leigh, while he was executive producer of saw ii, also helped make the screenplay with director darren lynn bousman. Also it debuted the third part in Leigh again as a writer, this was his last work in the series as such, limitádose to make executive producer in other three deliveries (saw iv, saw V and saw VI).

Now that they are famous, Leigh and his friend James have more numbers to continue succeeding in the world of cinema as they have done with Saw.

Leigh also participated in its day in the eternal and popular series Australian Neighbours, in two episodes. Leigh father is called Geoff and has a brother called Adam. It recognizes that their favorite directors are dario Argento and David lynch and his favorite movies include classics like glow or Requiem for a dream.

He has performed in few movies, so you do not have distinctive voice. In Saw it dubbed xavi Fernández.



* Neighbours (1985-2010) – Episode # 2.571 (1996) – Stuart Maughan

* Neighbours (1985-2010) – Episode # 2.572 (1996) – Stuart Maughan

* Blue Heelers (1999-2000) – Episode “the deepest cut” (1999) – Jared Ryan

* Blue Heelers (1999-2000) – Episode “fair go” (2000) – Jared Ryan

* Stygian (2000) – Punk child clown

* Saw (short film) (2003) – David

* The Referees (2003) – Fellow Footy

* The Matrix Reloaded (2003) – Axel

* Enter the Matrix (voice) – Axel

* Razor Eaters (2003) – Nick. (D)

* Saw (2004) – Adam stanheight

* One Perfect Day (2004) – Chris

* Saw II (2005) – Adam stanheight

* Saw III (2006) – Adam stanheight    * Death Sentence (2007) – Spink

* Dying Breed (2008) – Matt

* Doggie Heaven (2008) – Neil

* The Last Supper (2009) – Philip

* The Pardon (2010) (completed filming) – Clemente Moss

* Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’ out (2010) – Jatt

* Saw 3D (2010) – Adam stanheight


* Stygian (2000)

* Saw (short film) (2003)

* Saw (2004)

* Saw II (2005)

* Saw III (2006)

* Dead Silence (2007)

* Doggie Heaven (2008)

* Insidious (2010) (in post-production)


* Saw II (2005)

* Saw III (2006)

* Saw IV (2007)

* Saw V (2008)

* Saw VI (2009)

* Saw VII (2010)