Manuel Antín (b. 27 February 1926) in Las Palmas, Chaco province, Argentina, is an Argentine film director who made 12 feature films fiction from 1960 to 1982, including the odd figure and Don Segundo Sombra. He was appointed director of the National Institute of film and media arts for the management of Government of Raúl alfonsín 1983. He currently directs the Film University, which is an Academy of University studies which he founded.

His poetic work highlights: the Tower of the morning, siren and spiral and poems of two cities.

Activity in the cinema

Your first link to film it was coguionistae shorts Rodolfo kuhn, Contracampo (1958) and light, camera, action (1959). In 1962 he directed his first feature film, the odd figure, based on the short story MOM letters of Julio cortázar. In two of her subsequent films will once again work on texts by this writer: Circe (1964) and parks privacy (1965). In the Decade of the 1960s his filmography is linked to the movement of Argentine cinema known as the ‘ 60s generation, aesthetically related to the French nouvelle Vague.

In the ‘ 70s made the Pan by mango television and then begins its cycle of historical films: Don Segundo Sombra, 1969, from the novel by Ricardo güiraldes; Juan Manuel de Rosas in 1972 and beyond far away and long ago, in 1978.

He also made a series of documentaries for television entitled Los Argentinos, during the 1960s to personalities Argentine as Benito quinquela Martín, Ernesto sabato, Bernardo houssay, Amadeo Carrizo and Leopoldo Torre nilsson, among others. His last film was filmed in 1982 the invitation.

Since 1983 and until the end of the Government of Raúl alfonsín, he directed the National Institute for cinematography and Audiovisual Arts giving Argentine cinema recovering within a new period of democratic national reorganization process (1976–1983) years with its thrust management.

In 1991 he founded Film University institution devoted to the teaching of cinematographic arts form many of the current Argentine film directors.



1. The invitation (1982)

2. Beyond far away and long ago (1978)

3. The frying pan by mango (1972)

4. Juan Manuel de Rosas (1972)

5. Don Segundo Sombra (1969)

6. Punishing the traitor (1966)

7. Psyche and sex (1965)

8. Privacy of parks (1965)

9. Circe (1964)

10. The odd figure (1962)

11. The venerable all (not released commercially – 1962)

12. Biographies (short – 1960)


1. Invitation (1982)

2. The frying pan by mango (1972)

3. Juan Manuel de Rosas (1972)

4. Don Segundo Sombra (1969)

5. Punishing the traitor (1966)

6. Privacy of parks (1965)

7. Circe (1964)

8. The odd figure (1962)

9. The venerable all (not commercially released – 1962)

10. Biographies (short – 1960)

11. Light, camera, action (short – 1959)

12. Contracampo (short – 1958)