Matthew Broslovski Stone (May 26, 1971) is one of the South Park TV series cocreadores.

Jewish family, it was born in Houston, Texas, but was raised in a suburb of Littleton, Colorado in Denver. Holds degrees in mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and cinematography. In 1997, the American Comedy Central television channel debuted South Park, created by him and Trey Parker.

Winner of four Emmy Awards, South Park is the inspiration for the character Kyle Broflovski, since the appearance character up to his parents.


Collaborations with Trey Parker

* Team America: World Police (2004): co-wrote, vocals, producer

* That’s My Bush! (Television, 2001): co-creator, writer, executive producer

* “Even If You Don’t” by Ween (music video, 2000): director

* South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999): vocals, co-wrote, producer

* BASEketball (1998): actor

* South Park (TV series, 1997 – present): vocals, additional music, co-creator, executive producer and the writer

* Orgazmo (1997): actor, producer, co-wrote

* The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs.) Santa, 1996; Frosty vs. Holy, 1992)

* Cannibal! The Musical (1994): actor, producer, co-wrote


* Bowling for Columbine (2002)

Voices in South Park

* Kyle and his father

* Kenny and his father

* Jimbo Kern

* Jesus

* Butters Stotch

* Saddam Hussein