Nelly Fernandez Tiscornia (in America in 1928 – f. in Buenos Aires on October 4, 1988) was a writer, dramaturaga and Argentine television screenwriter.


Practiced teaching for 30 years in Instituto Juan José Castelli (Ramos Mejia), time in which founded a vocation Theatre in this institution.

Long texts, which were not accepted by the media produced television who offered him, and had significance. It was in 1965 when a script of a teleteatro was accepted at channel 7, still starring River Telma. In 1982 was a cycle of specials, screenwriter by actress Dora baret. Consecrated with the unit “situation limit”, being the only writer. He made 120 books for three years for this program, issued for ATC. He wrote the play “Made in Lanus”, which debuted in 1986 with a cast of renowned actors such as Leonor Manso, Luis brandoni, Patricio Contreras and Marta Bianchi. This work then it would be made into a film in 1987, called a “Made in Argentina” with a dash of Fernandez Tiscornia and Juan José jusid and directed by him.[ 1 ] “I love you”, in 1987, directed by Eduardo calcagno was also writer of the film.[ 1 ] That same year the play premiered “slowly, school”, with the renowned actors Marta González Claudio Garcia Satur, Jorge Rivera López, Barbara Mujica, lidya lamaison and víctor Hugo vieyra, and directed by Alejandra boero. He also wrote for television “Dream without limit” and “Hunch” cycles. She is the author of the novel “Juana Díaz”.

Personal life

Married at age 30 and had three children.