Pablo Trapero (born 4 October 1971, San Justo, Gran Buenos Aires) is a film director argentino. It is one of the greatest exponents of the new Argentine cinema emerged in the mid-1990s. His films are cut realistic, almost documentary, portraying normal people in everyday activities often highlighting the injustices of contemporary society.


He began his career with the timing of some shorts, until he made his first feature film, World crane, in 1998. The film earned the award best director at the first edition of the International Festival of cinema of Buenos Aires in the year 1999.

After World crane, in 2002 he created which is considered his best work, El bonaerense, which addresses issues of insecurity and unemployment, narrated part of police corruption. The film is not only a mere criticism to the police but it also shows the unfair labour relations of NCOs and are how mistreated until often cruelly by their superiors. The elegant aesthetics of El bonaerense, with the addition of a good management of time, have transformed it into one of the most important works of Argentine cinema.

In 2004, made rolling family, a road movie comedy tint. He has performed, in addition, as a producer and screenwriter.


* Brat spoiled (1993)

* Business (1995)

* Naikkor (2001)

Feature films

* Crane world (1999)

* The Buenos Aires (2002)

* Rolling family (2004)

* Born and bred (2006)

* Leonera (2008)

* Carancho (2010)