Ricardo Núñez Lissarrague (Betanzos, A Coruña, 1904 – July 16, Palma de Mallorca, 14 June 1998), was an actor, screenwriter, producer and film director Spanish.


Born into a wealthy family in the early 20th century Betanzos, Ricardo moved to Madrid in 1923, where opening a coffee shop named “Atocha”. Frequent artistic coffee talk “Maria Cristina” there discovers the actor and director florián Rey, who hires him to act in the film silent “pilluelo de Madrid”. This collaboration opens the doors to participate in many films like “Steel Eagles” and, above all, “the sister Saint Sulpicius”, said director film this last would jump to fame to Rule Argentina.

The advent of sound in film is a big challenge for Ricardo: the camouflage his accent marked gallego. Overcome this handicap, and after some minor appearances made Benito Perojo director orders to shoot “Susana has a secret”, “A prisoner escaped” or “Direction to the Cairo”, becoming one of the most representative Spanish movie of the moment.

Broke out, on 18 July 1936, the Spanish Civil War, Ricardo collaborates in several films in support of the Republic, which ultimately would lose the war. You are forced to flee to Argentina, where Debuts as a director with the feature film “Mother joy” and “Sacred fire”. Also produced several films for Benito Perojo as “chiruca” or “The copla of the sorrows” with Argentina Empire as the main character.

The revolution resulted in Argentina in 1955 causes the return of Ricardo Núñez Spain, where “The girl in the neighborhood” would direct and up to four movies more. In his last work as a director, “what it takes live”, makes a cameo as taxi driver.

In 1962 focuses on his work of writer-producer, trying to isolate from the populariad and a life quiet until his death at the age of 93.


As an actor

* What it costs to live Ricardo Núñez (1958).

* Our guilty Fernando mignoni (1938).

* Looking for a song (1937), Eusebio Fernández Ardavín.

* Bound for Cairo (1935), Benito Perojo

* He’s my (1935), Benito Perojo.

* Benito Perojo global crisis (1934).

* A (1934), Benito Perojo prisoner has escaped.

* Sun in Leo Artola snow (1933).

* Adolf trotz (1933), alalá.

* It runs mulilla (1933), Benito Perojo (short film).

* Susana has a secret (1933), Benito Perojo.

* The man laughed Benito Perojo love (1933).

* Port Said (1931), Leo mittler nights.

* Village damn (1930), florián Rey.

* 48 Fernando Delgado (1930), taxi pesetas.

* Football, love and Florián Rey (1929), Bull.

* The sister Saint Sulpicius (1927), Florián Rey, beside Empire Argentina.

* Florián Rey (1927), steel Eagles.

* Florián Rey (1927), Madrid Pilluelo.

As director

* Detective with skirts (1962).

* What it costs to live (1958).

* Tremolina (1957).

* Malagueña (1956).

* The girl in the neighborhood (1956).

* Sacred fire (1950).

* Mother joy (1950).

As a producer

* Tales from the white sheets (1977), Mariano ozores.

* Soul serena (1970), José Luis Sáenz de Heredia.

* Miss Pedro lazaga (1959), couplets.

* What it costs to live Ricardo Núñez (1958).

* Ricardo Núñez (1957), tremolina.

* Malagueña (1956), by Ricardo Núñez.

* What was La Dolores (1947), Benito Perojo.

* Villa rica of the Holy Ghost (1945), of Benito Perojo

* Fernando Mignoni (1940), martingale.

* Our Natacha Benito Perojo (1936).

As a writer

* Scandal in the boarding school (1966), Marino girolami.

* What it costs to live Ricardo Núñez (1958).

* Tremolina (1957), Ricardo Núñez, in cooperation with Mauricio Torres

* Mother joy (1950), by Ricardo Núñez.