Ricardo Talesnik (* Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 25, 1935) is an award-winning playwright, author and Argentine director of Polish descent.

She rose to fame with the play fiaca (lazy) which also became a film version with Norman briski. The piece premiered in 1969 in Madrid directed and performed by Fernando fernán Gómez.

His piece does not expect the Japanese released in 1973 in the Buenos Aires Teatro Regina directed by David stivel with Barbara mujica, Soledad silveyra and Victor laplace was then released in Madrid, Caracas and Mexico. 1978 Became a version program in Mexico directed by Rogelio a. González starring Julio German and Jacqueline andere.

He was married with the Uruguayan actress henny trayles with whom he wrote the Traylesnik show in1974.

He has two daughters from his second wife and her current partner.

He published his biography as “Ricardo Talesnik unauthorized autobiography”.


* The fiaca (1969)

* The La guita (1970)

* The major route (1971)

* Beto Sánchez revenge (1973)

* I also have fiaca (1978)

* The Japanese do not expect (1978)

* Great value (1980) (screenwriter)

* The telo and TV (1985)

* Hundred times I do not have (1990)

* God the breeding (1991)

* Nikmato Shel Itzik Finkelstein (1993)

* The Rafa (1997) TV series

* Eternal summer (1998) TV series

* Without gentlemen ladies (1998) TV series

* Living dead! (1998)

* Francella put (2001) TV series


* La fiaca: Premio ARGENTORES (society General of authors of the Argentina), best theatrical comedy.

* One hundred times No I: Premio ARGENTORES, best comedy film

* The Japanese do not expect: Prize ARGENTORES, best theatrical comedy.

* The revenge of Beto Sánchez: film Argentina reporters Association best film prize.

* La Guita: Premio ARGENTORES, best comedy film.

* The airplane black: nominated Prize House of the Americas

* I also have fiaca: Premio ARGENTORES, best comedy film.

* My brother-in-law: program several times awarded or nominated with Premio_Martín_Fierro under the headings “Best dispenses”, “Best actor in a comedy” and “Best book” from 1994 to 1998.

* Grand Award Honor ARGENTORES 2002 theatre.