Richard Moon (Córdoba, Argentina, June 23, 1925 – March 7, 1977, Mexico, D.F.) Film director, screenwriter, producer, Argentine.

Director, part of the new wave of Argentine cinema of the 1960s.

Catédratico of the Department film school of fine arts – National University of la Plata, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

He married Berta Roth, creator of performing forms and psychoanalyst, with whom he had a daughter.


Between 1958 and 1963, he collaborated with Director Leopoldo Torre nilsson as a co-writer, figurinista and personal assistant of the Director and playwright.

Artistic collaboration – screenwriter

* 1960: A handsome 900 (Dir: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson)

* 1960: End of party (Dir: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson)

* 1961: Mano en la trampa (Dir: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson)

* 1962 – Seventy times seven (Dir: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson)

* 1963: The terrace (Dir: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson)

From 1963 to 1966, he directs Argentina Filmboard cinema advertising.

Director and Guiónista

* 1962: Fair (film in black and white, 35 mm.) Duration: 13min)

* 1967: South America Folklore Show (film in black and white, 35 mm.) Duration: 26min)

* 1975: The Orilleros Argentina (90min) on the original plot of Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo bioy Casares, with Rudolf Bebán, Berta roth, Milagros de la Vega, Oscar ferrigno and Inda Ledesma.


* 1970 – Critical study, biography, filmography and Director Leopoldo Torre Nilsson bibliography. Encyclopedia Dossiers du Cinéma. Casterman, Paris Edition.

* 1970 – South America Folklore Show. Published in Films on Traditional Music and Dance. A First international Catalogue, Unesco, Paris.


* 1963 – Diploma of honour by the short footage fair Oberhaussen Festival, Germany

* 1965 – Second prize and diploma of honor at the first Festival Cinema advertising artistic of the National Fund for the arts, Argentina.