Rose Troche is Director of TV and cinema, as well as producer and screenwriter. Comes from a family in Puerto Rico, was born in 1964 in United States. His childhood was spent in the city of Chicago, where he attended a school of cinema for a while. He began his career making films and videos. His current partner is the Director and writer Cherien Dabis, who joined the team of writers of the series The L Word in the third season.


His debut as Director did with film Go Fish in 1994, which tells a story of love between lesbians. Premiered at the Sundance film Festival that same year. Go Fish, It was written and produced together who was then girlfriend Rose Troche Guinevere Turner. His next film was Bedrooms and Hallways made in 1998, this film explored male sexuality. Subsequently directed the security objects in 2001, which is an adaptation of a series of short stories of A. M. Homes and focuses on a gay love story set in a suburban neighborhood.


His work for television is as extensive as his film work. He directed an episode of HBO successful television drama Six Feet Under. Three seasons has been Director and screenwriter of The L Word, Showtime series a hit series about a group of lesbian friends living in LA. He has worked in isolation directing episodes of series such as South of nowhere and Touching Evil.