Santiago Tabernero (born 16 February 1961) director and screenwriter Spanish, born in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain).

ActivityAwarded at the III Edition of the awards of Arts and science, such as: World Riojano (2007). Degree in information sciences from the University of Navarra in 1984, and has worked since 1986 as a journalist specializing in films in RTVE.

Since 1987 has written and conducted interviews and film content in television programs News, the afternoon, as-is, cinema, Weekly report, metropolis, Saturday film, and made, Spanish version, carte blanche, as well as special TVE or entradillas for classic movies for several weeks on the night of Saturday in TVE La 2. (2006).

In the early 1990s he began his work as a screenwriter for films; “Detour to paradise” (co-written with Daniel Monzón, 1994), of Gerardo Herrero, Carlos Saura, Taxi (1996), and Daniel calparsoro, asphalt (2000), as well as the superb documentary Cesar and Zain, of larry levène (2004).

In 1997 he writes the script and directed the short dead time and a few years later vending (1999), excellent antechambers which it would be years later his first feature film life and colour.

In the 1990s created the television show Spanish film, program a unique more than ten years.

In 2002 he accepted be member of the official jury in Film Festival Iberomericano de Huelva, as well as other festivals Spain cinematografícos.

Santiago Tabernero directs his first feature film in 2005. Life and color, a project based on an autobiographical account entitled “Wow” that was working five years. He presented the film in the week international de cinema de Valladolid (Seminci) where he obtained the large audience award, the principle of a large number of awards, as well as critical and audience, to finish with one of the last and most important thing in the Cinespaña Festival in Toulouse (France), where he was awarded the prize for best script, obviously to Santiago.

In 2006 began to produce a new programme entitled TVE FreeCell, La2 reconciling as director of the festival (internet short film festival), the main contest film on the Internet that devised Javier Fesser. Also in this year Tabernero is also responsible for the first music video, which flowers Celia (daughter of Pepa Flores) is acknowledged in the major music programs

Equally and a few years directed the session cinema days heineken-greenspace (Valencia) with some very positive reviews, as well as public.

Santiago Tabernero has won in the of Arts and Science Awards III: World Riojanos (2007). This award is recognized publicly the career of a citizen – originating or linked with this autonomous community – stressed in different areas of science and the arts, in the case of Santiago Tabernero in the performing arts and cinematography.

In the summer of 2008, during the first week of July, is involved in cultural initiative “Invented city”, who tried to convert the old town of Logroño in avant-garde art expression support, and collaborate where also other artists (Bigas moons, La Fura dels Baus…). This logroñés work is installed between the streets and the crossings of centrally located places in the city (Carmen wall, Sagasta, portals and the spur), with a special shell and the back Pergola protagonism.

The month of November 2008 is part of the jury of the Film Festival in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and attends the “Cinema and disabilities” festival in Málaga, where projected his “Life and Color” film with wide public acceptance.

Since the beginning of the year 2009 is still linked to RTVE, carrying out different programs (Galas Spanish representative for Eurovision, among others), participation in activities of mayo, Casa de América (“we are all Mexicans”), President of the jury of VI Alicante Film Festival (1-6 June).

September 15, 2009 performs the functions of moderator in a colloquium with the Uruguayan musician Jorge drexler and Manuel huergade (film director) in a special presentation of the film “A precise moment” of the tour that took place in 2007 by Catalonia (Prize winner of the audience at the Malaga 2008). Casa de America, MadridSpecial mention of the jury at the 5th festival ANDALESGAI Lesbian Film Festival and Andalusia Gai (November 2009) and award at the 14th Film Festival in Zaragoza (December 2009) of the short film “love 2” awarded the prize for best national short of video. October 2010 Festival film Spanish in Toulouse, Cinespaña, participate with such work.

October 17, 2010, Santiago Tabernero participates in Hotel AC Recoletos in Madrid, in a talk show on ‘Film music’, accompanied by Roger Gual and Miguel Angel Lamata.

Journalist and filmmaker Riojan participates, in late October this year, as a judge on “Meeting point”, fifty-fifth edition of the international week of Valladolid cinema, next to the Indian assembler Bina Paul (presides over this section) and producer Marta Esteban. In the same period of time collects award “Rafael Azcona” of the “Short October” Festival of Arnedo, together “Spanish version” program to the current team.


* Movie script:

o Detour to paradise Gerardo Herrero (1994).

o Taxi Carlos saura (1996).

o Huelepega elia sdechneir (1999).

o Asphalt Daniel calparsoro (2000).

* Script and direction short films:

o Dead time (co-writer alongside Iñigo rotaetxe in 1997).

o Vending (1999).

o Love With excellent Néstor Roldan and Inés Alonso (2007) actors.

o Love/2 Starring Peter Aunión and Antonio songs (2008).

* The documentary film screenplay Cesar and Zain, of larry levène (2004).

* Script and direction: life and color, his first film project (2005).Your next film project knows their hunches, by Clara Sánchez, novel film adaptation where Eduardo Noriega has been working with it in the script and will also be protagonist of the story to shoot at the beginning of 2011 in the Valencian Community.

Portfolio also has his: Captain for movies coming soon, one of their greatest dreams.


Spanish version

Since its inception in TVE, on 6 October 1998 (created and directed by Santiago Tabernero) until the middle of 2002, she let him witness to the Deputy Director felix Piñuela, Spanish version has remained true view to open a window to the Spanish and Latin American cinema and has been reflected as no other support and commitment of Spanish television by cinema. In fact, over 90% of films by the programme have economic collaboration of TVE.

Version Española TVE program receives 2007 Gold Medal for merit in fine arts, was the first television program to obtain such recognition. “The highest distinction granted to Spain in this area” as identified Felipe de Borbón. The Spanish version, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, presenter was responsible for the award on behalf of the entire team for their support of this program of public television (TVE) Spanish film.

In June 2008 programme celebrated its ten years in broadcast, thereby achieving bring together hundreds of women and men (Eduardo Noriega, Pilar Bardem, Oscar Jaenara, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Belén Rueda, Paz Vega, Antonio Hernández, Mariví Bilbao….) the cinematographic profession in a big party in Madrid. All together by one of the major programmes and absolute reference for Spanish film.

Among other many and important programs ‘ version Española’ obtained the prestigious award from The Academy Film Spain (June 8, 2010) as a big “showcase” of our cinema in Spain and around the world. In recent years the program is directed by Felix Piñuela.

Festival “October short”, held in Arnedo (La Rioja) from 22 to 30 October 2010, homage to the program of TVE “Spanish version”, concediendole Prestigious prize Rafael Azcona.

Carte blanche

An original idea by Santiago Tabernero, an unpublished, 90-minute television proposal, in which each week a character the challenge of making a program to “his tastes” with the guests and the performances of your choice.

The approach of the programme was as a “character” of culture and entertainment, not necessarily linked to the television medium, but brilliant, charismatic or disputed, receive a unique Commission: presenting a TV show once. Which means that each program was unique.

If they accept the challenge, they had “carte blanche” to choose guests attending the appointment, musicians live acting and other elements that gave way to “program”. This experience allowed know unpublished profiles of these characters and enjoy unforgettable encounters with their guests.

The basis of the decor was common for all: a stage surrounded by three screens which makes high-quality allow you to customize the set of photographs, graphics and images in motion, seeking to recreate worlds that reflect the personality of each night presenter.

FreeCell header has a tune composed by Roque Baños (composer of the soundtrack to the other side of the bed, the community, second skin or Goya in Bordeaux… among many others), another of our film industry Spanish, despite his youth.

Other programs of TVE

In recent years has been at the forefront of various special for TVE such as;

Papito: Miguel Bosé special and many fellow with a great success of audience for Christmas of 2007-2008.

Gala of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest candidate pre-selection: presenter rafaella carrá, as well as to other Rosa López, Bibiana Fernandez, Boris izaguirre, or José Luis uribarri (March 2008).

Special Rosario Flores 2008: from the Barcelona Palau de la music and with the collaboration of many friends and Pepa good journalist.

Raphael 50 years later: sensational program 2008-2009 Christmas for TVE with Raphael and many national and international artists accompanied by a clever and beautiful staging of lighting and graphics.

Finery of the candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 pre-selection: Alaska and Olivares Miguel Serrano presenters, along with José Luis uribarri, Toni Garrido, Nacho canut… February to May 2009 from theatre L’Aliança de Poble Nou in Barcelona.

San Fermin 2009 daily rebroadcasts: from Pamplona to TVE (July 2009).

Gala Shakira: she Wolf: made in the mythical Buñuel studies with the submission of the RNE Toni Garrido broadcaster and journalist Ana Pastor collaboration. Colombian singer sang several songs from her work she-Wolf and interspersed with interview with singer and images from concietos and video clips, as well as activities of the own Shakira with the Organization [“feet deslcazos”] (issued in October 2009).

Special Alejandro Sanz: havens: Alejandro Sanz goes up to the stage of a small theater of Madrid to review their greatest hits and new songs, meetings with friends of music and sport and chat with journalist Ana Pastor TVE. Precious program emitidio on December 22, 2009.

Nino Bravo special: seven of the most important artists of Spain, pay tribute to singer nino Bravo singing their most emblematic songs. You could see how recorded this album tribute and original performances of Nino Bravo (released December 24, 2009).

Special Luz Casal: (length 75: 54 “”) recorded in the studies of TVE Barcelona Sant Cugat, Galician singer Luz Casal, reviews of his record so far passion and remember items that made it well known within and outside our country. Involved in the program participation of singer Concha buika and journalist David Cantero (issued on January 03, 2010).

Gala 2010 Eurovision candidate pre-selection: anne igartiburu and ainhoa arbizu of presenters, and the collaboration of Pillar Tabares, Toni Garrido, José María íñigo or Manuel flag, among other guests (issued March 22, 2010).

Destination Oslo: with anne igartiburu bootstrapper and continuation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Festival. Participation of Spanish representative Daniel Diges and many others and journalists; Pilar Tabares, Toni Garrido, Jose Maria Inigo… (issued May 29, 2010).

For the coming months also prepares a television project under the title while we live, a program for TVE, which will focus on emotions in relation to the health or family, where give to know the realities of current Spanish families.