Sidney Sheldon (Chicago, Illinois, February 11, 1917 – Rancho Mirage, California, 30 January 2007), American writer.

Sheldon was born as Sidney Schechtel in Chicago, Illinois, Jewish father’s German and Russian Jewish mother. His career began in 1937 in Hollywood, California, where he reviewed and collaborated on scripts for film class B. After the second world war, Sheldon returned to write several musicals for the Broadway Theatre and also continued writing scripts for the Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Paramount Studios.

Also known as the creator of the famous 1960s televisíva series Mi Bella genius (I Dream of Jeannie, its original title)

Cinema highlights in the film the spinster and minor directed by Irving Reis (1947) which made him worthy of an Oscar for best original screenplay.

Through the years, Sheldon wrote for television, film and theatre. He received several awards, including a  Emmie.

In 1969 he wrote his first novel: heads discovered, winning the North American mystery writers Best first novel award. His next work, beyond of midnight, was a bestseller.

He died at the age of 89 years after suffering complications from pneumonia Sheldon at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, said his publicist Warren Cowan. His wife Alexandra and daughter Mary Sheldon, author, were at his side.

11 February 2007 was to celebrate his 90 years of life. He is interred in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.



* Naked face (1970)

* More midnight (1973)

* A stranger in the mirror (1976)

* Blood ties (1977)

* Revenge of angels (1980)

* The price of intrigue (1982)

* The master of the game (1983)

* If there is a tomorrow (1985)

* The whim of the gods (1987)

* The sands of time (1988)

* Midnight memories (1990)

* The conspiracy of doomsday (1991)

* Written in the stars (1992)

* Nothing is eternal (1994)

* Morning, afternoon and evening (1995)

* The best laid plans (1997)

* Tell me your dreams (1998)

* Hunches (2001)

* Are you afraid of the dark? (2004)

Other publications

* Persecution (1993)

* The choke (1994)

* Strange Testament (1996)

* The twelve commandments (1997)

* Lottery (1998)

* Ghost story (2000)


* The other side of my (2005)