Abel Santa Cruz was a renowned writer, producer, script writer, author and Argentine dialoguista who was born in 1911, in the neighborhood of Barracas in Buenos Aires, Argentina and died on February 4, 1995 in the city of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province Argentina, and he was also known by few as Mauricio Herrera.


His career in radio

One of the most important writers of radio, television and cinema, started his career reciting own poems in Radio La Nación and have 14 years of age in programs such as the time of the Asueroterapia, led by Dr. Ahasuerus. He made his primary studies in College Julio a. Roca and 17 received Professor in College Mariano Acosta, which ran a school magazine, then, the following year he was replaced by Julio cortázar. In 1939 he was arts and from 1937 to 1947 served as the Chair and the Magisterium. At the same time it was sports journalist in the field and magazines Patoruzú, where there was humor also.

Married since the end of the 30 “and living in Villa Devoto, there was his work as a teacher, then moved with his family to Villa urquiza. Working in the magazine “El supplement”, he was summoned by a Manager to try her luck in the radio medium, so he professionally began in 1939 writing libretti program “Doña olive to the Dell’Olio”, where he signed with the pseudonym of Lepidus Frías. The program lasted nine months and featured live public participation (as it used to do before) and “Hands witch” Orchestra, directed by Rodolfo biagi. A talk with various people she write his first novel “Where the land is red”, 1940, by Radio Splendid. In 1943 debuted on Radio El Mundo “Eva Lavaliere life” directed by Enrique Santos discépolo and with the participation of Narciso ibáñez Menta.

With great success in the mid of the 40 “reached have three novels in the air at the same time, and in 1946 he began airing” what life this, Lord!”with Luis Perez Aguirre and Angelica Lopez Gamio, which ran for five years. 1947 Premieres “which couple!”, with Blanquita Saints and Héctor Maselli, with a duration of twenty years. The infinities of radio-teatros, which had as protagonists usually to Oscar helmet, Hilda Bernard, Fernando Siro, etc. were taken, most other media such as television as “your name is Mary shadow” flowed “Our gallegita” and “Carmiña” on TV, as well as other as many as “the blood also forgive”, moved to the television medium in cycles as “Nice time Nostalgias” (from 1966-67). Also broadcast on the outside and were sub-genres, with Jorge Salcedo.

In cinema

In 1940 he collaborated on the screenplay with Romillo as directed by the “A servant Lord”, Discépolo. In 1942 he released a comedy musical called “tonight, filming, Tita merello, Fernando Borel and Augusto codecá. Then, for 8 years could not work due to the demands arising that not liked his libretti, until recently in 1950 could write in films such as “To the beat of your lies”, “death is lying”, “Beautiful Brummel”, “Women in shadow”, “the dead is a living,” “Best college”, among others. However, in 1952 caused a great success with his work on “Eyes full of love”, with Angel Magaña, which premiered at the Versailles theater was requested to make television in the cycle “I love you Anna”, with José cibrián and Ana María campoy, at the beginning of the 50 “. It broke a record only three days writing the libretto of “Need to bathe the baby”. He worked with prominent film directors Argentine Fernando Ayala, Enrique cahen salaberry, Charles Schlieper, etc.

As an author, he had reasonable success with films such as “The Lady of a million”, “Woman Enigma”, “Forty years of dating”, with Lolita Torres and “Careful with queues” during the 50 “and 60”. In 1956 he made adaptation of libretto in “Love at first sight” with nelly láinez and Osvaldo Miranda, and was in the early years of the 60 “on three films directed by Emilio Vieyra and Rodolfo Blasco. He made the dialog boxes of “death is lying” and “El tango in Paris” with little popularity at that time. Together with Julio saraceni was the creator of history “Destiny of a whim” with Eva Franco and Sandro in 1972 and made arguments to comedy as “Pepper and paprika” films of Carlos rinaldi and “Strawberry”, in homage Florencio parravicini actor and was taken to the stage, along with the film “My soul Ladroncito”.

He was the screenwriter of movies that were successful as “The pícara soñadora” with mirtha legrand, “Parakeet is a lady,” with niní Marshall, “Dr. Cándido Pérez… ladies”, which was brought to television and the theatre. Others also include work in both versions of Canute Cañete, “Pepper”, which included music boxes and a starring Luis sandrini, “Great value at the Faculty of medicine”, etc. Also two of his libretti, were starring Libertad lamarque: “MOM smile” and “Mother of the bride”, both of Enrique Carreras. In 1982 he made what would be his last work in this medium in the film, unpublished “Buenos Aires Tango” by Saraceni and Jorge Briand.

Success in television

Almost since the beginning of this medium, intervened to be directed by Juan Manuel Fontanals in drama. Later, several years, he wrote the libretto of cycle remembered little ladies “students”, with mabel pessen, Evangelina Salazar, marilina Ross and a large cast of actors. Two years later, he worked on three programs, one with Carlitos balá. In 1967, she played along niní Marshall (who was also a screenwriter) history of the program “Teatralerías” by Channel 9. One of his greatest hits, where played Rodolfo bebán and Gabriela Gili, led by Marta Reguera was broadcast “Malevo” which remained two years in the air; Racing a bit perhaps, with his work “Call Me Sparrow”, by Canal 13 with Beatriz taibo. He also ventured into child, gender to “World of toy”, “My father heart” which several versions were made and he was taken abroad and to various media such as film, even an adaptation for the Mexican soap opera “Carita of Angel” was made posthumously.

Editor of remembered Candido Pérez, this again aired on TV few years of his death with different themes to the first version and a new cast of actors. However, at the end of the Decade of 70 “began to not having much success with your edits, something that happened until the end of the decade that followed, except some exceptions such as”jacinta pichimauia”, where Etelvina, Cyril, characters among other children were. Friend of Alexander Romay, he came to issue up to three teleteatros in a year.

His relationship with the Peronist

Santa Cruz was never Peronist, but against their will – at that time not could be discussed, said Al – had to write to the Peronist, where the claimed that he always wrote the truth. Then the Revolución Libertadora forbade him to work, it was reported communications Isidoro ex j. Odena. Having to do a lot of paperwork between 1956 and 1957 he had to perform their jobs with user IDs that “lend you” work and friends, coworkers as Héctor Maselli, which gave him his own which was John Peregrine for Santa Cruz to continue his composition “What pair!” and also received the support of Gustavo Cvero and Laura Favio. Until Philip Rossi, who was the producer of “The Gesa family”, put the scripts to his name, as not all Abel continued his professional career.

Last years

He continued to perform their classic compaginaciones until the end of the 80 “. From the 1990s began regularly to make adjustments to their stories, as in “Candide Pérez, specialist in ladies” of Mexico, “My little mischievous” of the United States, “live children!”, among others. The novels of Santa Cruz, even until after his death, adaptations continued doing for various programmes and films across America.

Died aged 84 on February 4, 1995 in Buenos Aires cancer. He was married to the actresses elcira Olivera garcés, Eva Ziegler, Teresa blasco and Silvia montanari.


Some movies where intervened as a writer:

* A man servant (1940)

* To the beat of your lie (1950)

* Death is lying (1950)

* Beautiful Brummel (1951)

* The best of College (1953)

* Age of love (1954)

* Problems with my father (1954)

* The eyes of love (1954)

* The Lady of one million (1956)

* Pícara soñadora (1956)

* Parakeet is a lady (1956)

* There is bathing nene (1958)

* Fifth year national (1961)

* Dr. Cándido Pérez, SARS. (1962)

* Heats up when the Sun (1963)

* Forty years of boyfriends (1963)

* Canute Cañete, 7 conscript (1963)

* Cleopatra was Candida (1964)

* Canute Cañete and the 40 Thieves (1964)

* Canute Cañete, private detective (1965)

* Pepper (1966)

* Smile Mama (1972)

* Heart dad wants to get married (1974)

* Carmiña (your love story) (1975)

* Jacinta Pichimahuida falls (1977)

* Mother of the bride (1978)    * Great value for the Faculty of Medicine (1981)


* Strawberry (1980)

* Pepper and paprika (1970)

Original idea:

* Fate of a whim (1972)


* Be careful with the queues (1964)

* Forty years of boyfriends (1963)

* There is bathing nene (1958)

* The beautiful lie (1958)

* Enigma of woman (1956)

* The Lady of one million (1956)

* The eyes of love (1954)

* My small cross country


* Love at first sight (1956)


* Tango in Paris (1956)

* Death is lying (1950)


* Behind of lying (1962)

* Those who see God (1961)

* Fifth year national (1961)