Aida Bortnik (1935) is a screenwriter and novelist. Two films with scripts, the truce (best foreign film) and the official history (best foreign language film and best original screenplay) were nominated for the Academy Award, winning the second best non-English speaking film.


1. This was loneliness (2001)

2. Ashes of paradise (1997)

3. Wild horses (1995)

4. Fierce Tango: the legend of Tanguito (1993)

5. Poor Butterfly (1986)

6. The official history (1985)

7. Return (1982)

8. The island (1979)

9. Grow coup (1976)

10. A woman (1975)

11. The truce (1974)


* Academy Awards: first nomination of an Argentine film Academy with the truce (1974); second nomination with the official story, which won the prize. Bortnik earned an individual nomination alongside Luis puenzo, for the original screenplay of the second.