Alan Rudolph (born Los Angeles;) (December 18, 1943) is a screenwriter and film director.

Rudolph is son of Oscar Rudolph, actor and television director. It was protected from director Robert Altman, and worked as Assistant Director in Altman’s the long goodbye on a novel by Raymond Chandler.

Rudolph films tend to focus on lonely and eccentric characters and complicated relationships they have with others. There is no clear actors in them and contain elements of fantasy and romance. Rudolph has written most of the films he has directed, and has been repeated often with actors Keith Carradine and Geneviève Bujold, and musical composer Mark Isham.

Rudolph was unveiled with the important success Choose Me (choose me, 1984), film standard of modernity in its day, the history of the relationship between several solitary but charming characters: a former prostitute (Lesley Ann Warren) bar owner, a presenter repressed radio (Bujold) and a disarmingly honest (Carradine). Trouble in Mind (El callejón de los sueños, 1985) was directed by Kris Kristofferson actor and singer as well as Bujold, Carradine, director John Waters and transvestite divine. The modern (1988) was a love story set in Paris in the 1920s, about an artist expatriate (Carradine) who tries to resume his relationship with his wife (Linda Fiorentino), despite her marriage with a sinister played by John Lone art collector.

After the relatively conventional thriller Mortal Thoughts (mortal thoughts, 1991), starring Demi Moore, shot Equinox (Equinox, 1992) with Matthew Modine which made the role of two Twins separated, and Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle La Mrs. Parker and the vicious circle (1994) a recreation of the Algonquin Round Table literary Association and sympathetic biopic of Dorothy Parker, with Jennifer Jason Leigh in the lead role Jewish writer. Breakfast of Champions ((Desayuno_de_campeones,_1999) was an adaptation of the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, with Albert Finney as Kilgore Trout, a prolific but little valued science fiction author.)

Films as director

* Premonition (1972)

* Nightmare Circus (1974) as “Gerald Cormier”

* Welcome to L.A. (1976) (also writer)

* Remember My Name (1978) (also writer)

* Roadie (1980) (also writer)

* Endangered Species (1982)

* Return Engagement (1983)

* Songwriter (1984)

* Choose Me (1984) (also writer)

* Trouble in Mind (1985) (also writer)

* Made in Heaven (1987)

* The Moderns (1988) (also writer)

* Love at Large (1990) (also writer)

* Mortal Thoughts (1991)

* Equinox (1992) (also writer)

* Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994) (also writer)

* Afterglow (1997) (also writer)

* Breakfast of Champions (1999) (also writer)

* Trixie (2000) (also writer)

* Investigating Sex (2001) (also writer)

* The Secret Lives of Dentists (2002)