Alan Stuart “To the” Franken (born 21 may 1951) is a politician, writer and comedian American, and since 2009 Senator junior of the State of Minnesota. Belongs to the party democratic-farmer-work of Minnesota, which is the insured minesotano Democratic Party.

First that nothing made a name as a writer and actor in late show Saturday Night Live (SNL), and then wrote and acted in several films. Made in political commentator, author of several books on success and host of a radio broadcast nationally on Air America Radio show.

Franken ran for Senator in 2008, defeating the incumbent Republican, Norm Coleman, of an automatic counting. Coleman protested against the result at trial,  but conceded defeat after the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously confirmed the victory of Franken at June 30, 2009. Franken took oath as a Senator on July 7, 2009.