Albert Espinosa Puig (Barcelona, November 5, 1974) is an industrial engineer, writer, actor and budding film director Spanish.


The life of Albert young age was marked by the problem of cancer, due to which you had to amputate a leg, a lung and liver part. He spent much of his youth in hospital fighting this disease.

At the age of 24 when you definitively leave the hospital, begins to pursue university studies, where he graduated as an industrial engineer. However, the magic of theater and film called more attention. He begins to write scripts and to act with your Los Ioo company (in allusion to chemotherapy which had to submit years earlier). Write for Spanish TV and televisió de catalunya, with the beginning in series like Abuela de verano or El cor de la ciutat.

However, real explosion where there is to know his talent as a writer takes place in the movie of 4th floor (2003), directed by Antonio Mercero and performed by Juan José Ballesta. This book explains how was your experience in the hospital when suffered from cancer, playing a reality he starred in, far away from the idea of living in the hospital is a drama.

In 2006, lives its most intense as a screenwriter, year since published two works with his own script. The first is your life in 65′, directed by Maria Ripoll and performed among others by tamara Arias and Javier pereira, premieres in summer and tells a story in which death and chance coincide constantly. Albert was awarded in Barcelona Cinema as a screenplay with this film awards. The other film released this year was to be nobody’s perfect, directed by Joaquin Oristrell and performed by Santi millán, Fernando Tejero, and José Luis García Pérez, which sparked controversy as alleged plagiarism of a script by Cesar Strawberry.[appointment required] This latest film portrays the disability as something everyday, of normal banishing strange vision on this issue.

In 2007 started the shooting of the film which means a year after his debut as a film director: No me pidas you dock, because you kiss, based on their plays No me pidas you dock, because you kiss and the club of the straws.

Also in 2007 begins a tour with a play yours: Idaho and Utah (nanas to nenes malitos), actor, director and author. The play revolves around a near future where invented a pill to stop sleep forever.

In 2010 was co-writer of the heroes, film directed by pau freixas

Published books

* 2008: The world yellow

* 2010: Everything that we might have been you and me if not bunch you and I