Vicente Escrivá Soriano (Valencia, June 1, 1913 – † Madrid, 18 April 1999). Producer, screenwriter and film director and television Spanish.


Doctor in philosophy by the University of Valencia, since the end of the 1940s was devoted to writing scripts for the Cifesa production company, creating stories of epic and religious tone very taste of the time as the harvest is plentiful (1950) and paper .

In 1950, together with the director Rafael Gil founded Aspa films for which writes the scripts of successes such as Agustina Aragón (1950) and reckless (1951).

In 1960 he debuted in the direction with the man of the island. To emphasize in his filmography was the film Montoyas and Tarantos (1989), which gained two Goya Awards. Other works of that time were leg to port (1970), vente Germany, Pepe (1971), Needs Martínez (1975), La lozana andaluza (1976).

In the last stage of his life, he focused on television and created and directed series of success as a Requiem for Granada (1991) for TVE and Antena 3: full, please (1993-1994), who gives the time? (1995), This is my neighborhood (1996-1997) and at work (1998-1999), this last being that most successful was among the spectators, stretching its airing until 2001 despite his absence as director after his death.