Alberto Fuguet of Goyeneche (Santiago, Chile, March 7, 1964) is a journalist, writer and Chilean filmmaker.


After the transfer of his family, Alberto Fuguet, lives in Encino, California, up to the age of 13, when reached a besieged Chile by the Pinochet dictatorship not to mention a pinch Spanish. This break will make it flush to the world of books as a way to know your new language and incorporated into a social radically different kernel to which he knew. In several interviews mentioned the first book read in Spanish was Papelucho, who later became a tangential but important influence for the construction of the protagonist of his novel.

After studying a year in sociology, he qualified in journalism from the University of Chile. Columnist, critic of music and film, novelist and screenwriter, Fuguet has influenced many contemporary writers due to his opposition to Latin American magical realism and its bid for a real and urban literature. Latin America for him, He is not “talking toucans and grandmothers” flying (image with foreigners in the literature of the South Cone of the continent), but a stronger reality has tried in his texts.

Proof of this is the collection of short stories by various authors McOndo, he edited himself and gave birth to literary of the same group name. This, as well as its constant references to American pop culture (film, rock and television) have been made that his detractors call him “extranjerizante”, something that has not diminished his influence. Agile, full of references, prose has been created thanks to his acute observation of urban speech of his mastery of speakers spoke in his childhood.

His first book of short stories, overdose (1990) was a success in his home country, but his breakthrough came with his great Mala Onda novel dealing with a young boy Santiago and their experience under a Chile dominated the regime of Augusto Pinochet. This was followed by Red ink and Please, rewind, a surprising novel by its structure and its characters, note the references on some characters of Mala Onda, as subtle and disguised Fuguet sliding part of the targets. All characters are belonging to the Metropolitan world of Santiago. In 2003 he released his semi-autobiographical book movies of my life (edited by Alfaguara, like most of his books) in which a seismologist analyzes his life through films that have been marked. The graphic novel road story, based on a short story and illustrated by Gonzalo Martínez, was published by Alfaguara in 2007 and is perhaps the first Chilean issued by a major publishing house. It has stressed since early 1990 as the spearhead of the New Chilean narrative.

In 1999, Fuguet was chosen by Time magazine and CNN as one of the 50 American leaders of the new millennium. His novel red ink was carried film in 2000 by Peruvian filmmaker Francisco lombardi. One of the dreams of the writer was always direct his own film, which won in 2005, with Se Arrienda (already had written the original script of two brothers, tape directed by Martín Rodríguez). The film with Luciano Cruz-Coke and Francisca Lewin in the main roles, tells the story of a young semiadulto facing conflict of the abandonment of the parental home in middle age, the first far-reaching decisions and one another disappointment. He was part of a wave again Chilean film included Play Alicia scherson in bed of Matías bize, Pablo larraín vanishing. The soundtrack of he leases was composed by Andrés Valdivia and cristián heyne.

Currently she works as Professor in the University Alberto Hurtado, film director and screenwriter

Published books

* Overdose, planet Publishing House, 1990.

* Bad wave, planet publishing, 1991.

* Stories with Walkman, planet publishing, 1993

* Red ink, Alfaguara Publishing House, 1996

* Please rewind, Alfaguara Publishing House, 1998

* Part one

* Movies of my life, Alfaguara Publishing House, 2003

* Shorts Alfaguara Publishing House, 2004

* Autistic notes, Editorial epicenter Aguilar, 2007

* road story, Alfaguara Publishing House, 2007

* My body is a cell (Andrés Caicedo, an autobiography – Alberto Fuguet, direction and mounting), Editorial Norma, 2008

* Missing (research), Alfaguara Publishing House, 2009

* Airports, Alfaguara Publishing House, 2010


* “10.7”, 1997

* “Two brothers: a night all”, 2000

* “Red ink”, 2000 based on his novel, screenplay by Giovanna Pollarolo

* “The killer ants”, 2004

* “It leases”, 2005, which was co-written with Francisco Ortega

* “Lost”, 2008, which was co-written with René Martin


* “Two brothers: a night all” associate producer, 2000

* “The killer ants” producer, 2004

* “It rents” producer, 2005

* “Malta with egg”, producer Executive, 2007


* “10.7” Director Assistant, 1997 short film.

* “The killer ants” Director, 2005 short 16 mm B/w, 20 minutes in length.

* “It rents” 2005 feature film Director.

* “Find” Director, 2005 video for the song “Se Arrienda”, directed by Alberto Fuguet soundtrack.

* “Youth schemes” Director, 2006 music video for the album of the same name of Javiera Mena song.

* “Machines” Director 2007 video clip of the song “Great Santiago” Telediario Donoso.

* “Lost” Director, 2008 was cancelled, currently in the process of transforming into graphic novel

* “2 Hours” Director 2008 short 25 minutes, color

* “Velodrome” Director, 2010 film 111 min approx. color