Alexander cox aka Alex cox is a director, screenwriter, actor English born 15 December 1954.

Director of worship, is very related to music and the aesthetic punk groups such as the clash, sex pistols and the pogues.

Among his influences cited directors such as Luis buñuel and akira kurosawa.

In many of the films participates as actor, movies mostly Mexican or related to this country, it plays gringo.

Cox is married to Tod Davies, who wrote and produced three businessmen and has produced revengers tragedy.

His production company is called the exterminating Angel, in tribute to Luis buñuel film.

Filmography (partial)

As director

* The Searchers 2.0 (2007)

* Revengers Tragedy (2002)

* Three Businessmen (1998)

* Death and the Compass (1996)

* The winner.(The Winner) (1996)

* The patrol (1992)

* Walker (1987)

* Straight to Hell (1987) Ambientada in the American West was actually filmed in Almería (Spain) and inspired the famous festival of the pogues theme. Among other performers were: courtney love, dennis Hopper, grace Jones and now jim jarmusch film director. The Pogues were Mexican.

* SID and Nancy SID & Nancy – Love Kills (1986) Sid and Nancy – love kills. sid vicious life and its relationship with Nancy spungen.

* Repo Man: the recuperator (1984) movie of worship with the philosophy and the punk¨ ¨estética

* Sleep Is for Sissies (1980)


* Emmanuelle: A Hard Look (2000)

* Kurosawa: The Last Emperor (1999)

As an actor

* The Oxford murders (2007)

* A wonderful world (2006)

* Rosario Tijeras (2005)

* The law of Herod (2000)

* All power (1999)

* Perdita Durango (1997)

* Catchfire (1990)

* SID and Nancy (Sid & Nancy – Love Kills) (1986)

As a writer

* Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Spain) or panic and madness in Las Vegas (Lat.) (America) (original title (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) (1998))

* Straight to Hell (1987)

* SID and Nancy SID & Nancy – Love Kills (1986)

* Repo Man: the recuperator (Repo Man) (1984)