Donald Chaffey (born August 5, 1917 in Hastings, East Sussex, England, and died on 13 November 1990 in kawau island, New Zealand) was a director, screenwriter and producer and artistic director English.

Chaffey debuted as a filmmaker in 1947 working as art director, and in 1953 was the director for the first time. He continued his activity in the film industry until his death in 1990, caused by heart failure.

It is best known for his films of fantasy, as Jason and the Argonauts, the three lives of thomasina, one million years B.C., the viking queen Creatures the World Forgot, Pete dragon and C.H.O.M.P.S., his last feature film.

Concurrent with his films, Chaffey directed many episodes of series television British, including the prisoner, danger Man and the avengers. Beginning in the 1980 until his death, his works were in telepelículas Americans, and television series Fantasy Island, Stingray, MacGyver, T. j. Hooker, matt houston and Charlie’s Angels.