Alexander Hilary Kurtzman (Los Angeles, United States, 7 September 1973), better known as Alex Kurtzman, is a director, screenwriter and film producer who has worked both film and television.


Personal life

Alex Kurtzman was born on September 7, 1973 in Los Angeles, California (United States) and educated at Wesleyan University.[ 1 ] He is married with Samantha Counter, daughter of which he was President of the Alliance of film and television producers (AMPTP), Nick Counter.


In 1996 he participated as a creative partner in several episodes of the television series Xena: Warrior Princess and a few months later, already in 1997, debuted as a writer to write an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. This last work dragged on for the next two years and Kurtzman came to write fourteen episodes and co produced another a few months later. Both collaborated with Roberto Orci, who knew from the Institute and with whom he worked frequently.

Between 2001 and 2004 was regular series alias, created by J. j. Abrams, where he served as producer and screenwriter, and debuted in the direction. Since then he participated in several projects with Abrams, including movies mission: impossible III (2006) and Star Trek XI (2009), and the Fringe, which both created alongside Orci series.[ 4 ] In 2010, DreamWorks chose Kurtzman as director of Welcome People to, film which is also scriptwriter and producer.


Year       Work     Role       Notes

Director                Screenwriter      Producer

1996-2000            Xena: Warrior Princess                                  Sí. Yes   Creative partner in 4 episodes and executive producer co in one.

1997-1999            Hercules: The Legendary Journeys                           Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Screenwriter in 14 episodes and executive producer co in one.

2000       The King of cheats                           Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Screenwriter 3 episodes and executive producer at 8.

2001-2004            Alias       Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Director in one episode, 10, 33, executive producer at 13 and producer supervisor 9 executive producer co writer.

2004       The Secret Service                           Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Executive producer of the movie.

2005       The island                            Sí. Yes

The legend of Zorro                        Sí. Yes

2006       Mission: Impossible III                   Sí. Yes

2007       Transformers                     Sí. Yes

2008       Eagle Eye                                             Sí. Yes

2008-2010            Fringe                   Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Creator, 33 episodes and executive producer at 13 production consultant.

2009       Star Trek XI                         Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Executive producer.

Transformers: revenge of the fallen                        Sí. Yes

The Proposal                                      Sí. Yes   Executive producer.

2010       Hawaii Five-0                     Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Developer and executive producer in 4 episodes.

2010       Transformers Prime                                        Sí. Yes   Executive producer.

2011       Cowboys & Aliens                                 Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Film post-production.

2012       Welcome to People        Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Film in pre-production.