Robert Kramer was one of the most brilliant film that gave of his films a lucid and passionate testimony of militant struggle and ideological changes in the world in the last three decades. Died in 1999 during the “Cités de la Plaine” Assembly work.

Born in New York in 1939, he studied philosophy and history of Western Europe, writing poems, novels and other plays that were never published. Passionate about journalism, was for a time reporter in Latin America.

Newsreel Movement, a dedicated to filming news was among the first produced films about Viet Nam war and its impact on United States filmmakers cooperative founded in 1967. Since his early work in the country (1967) and The edge (1968), questioned both internal and external policies of his country, while ice (1969) is a remarkable job summarizing political militancy in the 1960s, riding between documentary and fiction, a stylistic feature that maintain their distinctive feature of his best films filmography. It was in Viet Nam where filmed people’s War, an anti-American film, which was not well received by the Vietnamese.

Given the difficulties of making movies in your country at the time of the “reaganismo”, settled in France, where in the 1980’s he made several jobs ranged between fiction and documentary, the most famous is doc’s Kingdom (1987). In 1992 he returned to Viet Nam shoot Départ Point, a documentary about changes in Vietnamese society. In recent years he taught at France and was unable to complete his latest film “Cités de la Plaine” (1999), a film of an experimental nature, by the end of a meningitis with his life.