Alfred Neumann (Lautenburg, Germany 1895 – October 15, Lugano, Switzerland, 3 October 1952), novelist and screenwriter.

During his time at Germany wrote a trilogy and the Patriot (1925), about Russia Paul I, the devil (1926), on Louis XI, about Napoleon III.

As a Jew, Neumann had to emigrate to United States during the dictatorship nazi.

There was known primarily for his contributions in films such as Conflict, None Shall Escape and The Return of Monte Cristo.


As a writer

* Patriot (1925) (1925)

* The devil (1926)

As a screenwriter

* The Patriot (1928) (1928), Ernst Lubitsch.

* Le patriote Maurice Tourneur (1935).

* La Tragédie Impériale Marcel L’ L’herbier (1939).

* None Shall Escape André De Toth (1944).

* Conflict Curtis Bernhardt (1945).

* The Return of Monte Cristo Henry Levin (1946).

* Matto regiert Leopold Lindtberg (1947).