Alfredo Arturo Castro Gomez (Santiago Chile, 1952) is a theatre director, screenwriter and actor of stage, television and cinema Chilean.

Biography and career

He grew up in a family of five children. He studied at Saint Gabriel, Kent School and colleges Lyceum 11 Las Condes, Santiago. Completed his studies, he continued in the Theater Department of Chile University Arts Faculty.

He received the APES Prize of Entertainment journalists Association in 1977.

Between 1978 and 1981 he worked in the Intinerante theatre company. In 1982 participates in production for Chile national television facing tomorrow, starting her extensive television career. In 1983 is scholarship in London by the british council (British Council) to refine the london academy of music and dramatic arts.

In 1989 he received a scholarship from the Government of France to perfect in the direction of theatre in Paris, Strasbourg and Lyon. The same year, he returned and founded the memory theatre company.

He worked as a teacher and Director Fernando González Theatre Academy sub.

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Theatre, Theo and Vincent blinded by the Sun and King Lear, works with Nicanor Parra translation puts in scene. At the national theatre of the University of Chile mount Cathedral de la Luz and Casa Luna works.

Since 1998, became the first President of the Association, Directors Guild, Chile. In the years 1999 and 2000, was the Artistic Director of the sample of dramaturgy, organized by the Ministry Chile General Government Secretariat.

During that same season works Facts Consumados of John Radrigán and Dog legs, based on the story of Carlos droguett put in scene.

2001, Directs The maids and also stars in Eva Perón, work that marks the return of Alfredo to the stage as an actor. In July he separated from his wife, actress and stage designer Taira court, with whom he has two daughters, Ymara and Agatha.


APES Prize

* 1990, as best television actor.

* 1992 as best director for theatre.

* 1996, as best actor for theatre.

* 1998 as best leading actor from television.

* 1999 as best director for theatre.

* 2000, as best director for theatre.

* 2002 as best director for theatre.

National Arts Altazor award

* 2005, on stage and address.

International Festival of Torino

* 2008, best male performance with film tony manero


Series and unit

* 1996 – Comedy love at home, Romeo Ulloa Channel 13

* 2005 Final time: real-time Martín TVN

* 2006 – Justice for all (episode “Trafficking in organs”) Paul TVN



* 1982 – Facing tomorrow as Claudio Castañeda

* 1984 – The dam as Samuelcito

* 1991 – A fresh start as Pedro Pablo oroz albónico

* 1993 – Checkmate as Jonathan

* 1998 – Iorana as Luciano cox (antagonistic)

* 1999 – The beast as Ernesto lizana (stellar participation)

* 2000 – I romané as lazlo California (stellar participation)

* 2001 – Pampa illusion as eulogio Martínez (antagonistic)

* 2002 – The circus of the Montini as Caesar Mondaca Lei (secondary)

* 2003 – Behind closed doors as Julio bathrobe (stellar participation)

* 2004 – The Pincheira as floridor Carmona (antagonistic)

* 2005 – Versus as Aristides Montenegro (stellar participation)

* 2006 – Floribella as Franz / Wolfgang (special participation)

* 2007 – Heart of Mary as wladimir Tapia Lei (secondary)

* 2008 – Merry Widow as José Pablo zulueta (lead)

* 2009 – Successful Pells as Guido wedell (antagonistic)

Channel 13

* 1984 – Puppets like July

* 1990 – You counted as Frula

* 1992 The stick the cat as Nando

* 1995 – Love is fashionable as Thomas

* 1995 – Love home as Romeo Ulloa

* 1996 – Adrenaline as Efraín Domínguez

* 1997 – Lunar eclipse as Jeremiah Holtz


* 2010 – Manuel Rodríguez as Francisco Casimiro Marcó del Pont (antagonistic)


Year       Movie   Character            Director

2008       Tony Manero     Raul Peralta        Pablo Larraín

2007       Remolienda House          Renato                 Joaquin Eyzaguirre

2006       Vanishing            Claudio                 Pablo Larraín

2008       The good life      Jorge     Andrés Wood

2010       Post Mortem     Mario Cornejo   Pablo Larraín