Alfredo Grassi July is screenwriter, writer, translator, poet, film director and Argentine journalist. He was born in the town of San Vicente, Santa Fe Province.

He began his career in 1952 in the Buccaneers magazine and then helped publishers Columba and record, among many others, with numerous pseudonyms. He was author of the Strip “Dick, gunner” for King features syndicate, and fifty police novels and science fiction. He has written two books of essays: “What the comic?” and “What the Argentina?”

During the 1950s he worked at the Acme Publishing House, where he published numerous police novels in the traces collection and directed the magazine space tracks (1957-1959), successor of the famous beyond (1953-1957).

He also edited the magazine century, which included much material of science fiction, mostly of his own, with your name and user ID. He cultivated the novel cowboys and wrote scripts for comic to multiple publishers Argentine and Italian, as Columba.

Much of his science fiction stories are gathered in “And the stars shall fall” (Buenos Aires, instruments, 1967) and “on the island and other tales of fantasy” (Buenos Aires, Reed, 1970) from appearing in several anthologies.

Grassi has also had a long political career as a member of the Radical Civic Union. During the Government of Arturo illia was President of the Argentina Republic Film Institute (now National Institute of film and media arts) and the Presidency of Raúl alfonsín was Deputy Manager of the State television station Argentina Televisora Color (ATC now Canal 7).

He lives in the city of Buenos Aires and gives master classes at the national school of experimentation and realization (ENERC), depending on the INCAA.