Enrique González Tuñón (Buenos Aires, 1901-1943 Cosquín, Córdoba province). He was writer of short stories, journalist and novelist.


Key figure in the literary Bohemian of the years of Boedo and Florida, is dificíl, pigeonhole in one group or another. Journalist of the newspaper Crítica assisted flagship as a bow and Martín Fierro publications at the same time. It was here in police Chronicles of back cover where that particular style that characterized both he and teammate Roberto arlt writing was developed. As journalist was considered a true renewal of the national newspaper, most of his literary work come from their speeches in various periodicals; He was also film tomorrow I murder-suicide (1942;) (Impossible passion, 1943).[ 1 ] He wrote tangos (including those who Pa’l cambalache, written together with Rafael rossi and recorded in 1929 by Carlos gardel), theatre pieces, sketches and serials.


Her most successful book is surely beds from a weight (1932) in limit intergender of the novel and the short story. There tell the abatares of five characters of dubious estampa assiduous visitors a no less doubtful fonda called “Mystery stew”. In general the work of Enrique González Tuñón has been ignored both by the official culture by groups which in his time dominated Argentine literature scene. His brother, the poet Raúl González tuñón, one of the great poets of the Argentine avant-garde, had often suffer the same criticisms. Henry’s his romantic anarchism, Bohemian iconoclast, his untimely death, perhaps, have contributed to this fact. In August 2008 the Argentine singer José Luis Pascual has edited a disk music Street of lost dreams.

Patient number one (Short story)

“Helman was called.” It was a Swiss and had, as all the Swiss watchmaker vocation. But friends, according to her parents ended up losing it and made him a bum without restraint. He was running ‘ Hare, muddle here and there, without fixed abode and hungry Wolf. Anytime that this invitation to have a coffee, said:-I prefer a “plesiosaur”. It thus called a few steaks seemed Spain map and served by little silver in “Puchero Misterioso”. Never let say friend arriving:-Che, paying a “plesiosaur”? Got the name of plesiosaur. When he left to attend our company, we assumed he had gone to Patagonia, in search of a homonym. But it wasn’t. I found it in the Office of a young doctor friend. -Hello! -I told him. You what, plesiosaur? -Here I got. -Are you sick? -What hope! Don’t you see that I am working? -Are working? And what?… – speak low, please… Patient number one to work. I am the bait, the bait, the hook, you understand?… This is a newly received doctor. You don’t have customers. You need to sign. It is a lightweight trabajito. I go to all three. I have to cough a little door. And I go to four average v. So I win me life.(published in Leoplán, 9-VI-1937, Enrique González Tuñón)

Published works

* Tangos (1926)

* The soul of the inanimate (1927)

* The wheel of badly painted mill (1928)

* A holy man apologia (1930)

* Beds from a weight (1932)

* The tyrant (1932)