Allan Dwan (3 April 1885 – December 28, 1981) was one of the pioneers directors, producers and film writers.


Joseph Aloysius Dwan born Toronto, Canada, his family moved to Los United States when he was only eleven years old. Graduated as an engineer at the University and began work on a power company in Chicago. Anyway, showed no interest and got into the film industry when Essanay Studios offered him the opportunity of working as a scriptwriter. At the same time, some of the first directors traveled to California where the climate allowed them to continue working. Very soon, a large name producers worked throughout the year and in 1911, Dwan began working as a director. Strategy would be his directorial debut.

From here, Dwan began to gain fame as director, even in New York in 1917 was the founder and first President of the Motion Picture Directors Association. And Allan Dwan was an innovator in the evolution of the film industry. Of making many westerns and comedies, he was responsible for directing numerous productions with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks as stars. Among them the first version of 1922 forest Robin.

The sound input affected initially Dwan but knew recovered with some works of talent as a version that director made Heidi with Shirley Temple as protagonist in 1937 and which saw the explosion of the young actress to global stardom.

Dwan is one of the directors who were able to move his successful silent to sound. With more than 400 directed titles, many of his early albums have lost due to unfortunate preservation. An endless series of successes, his masterpiece came with bloody arenas in 1949. His last film was in 1961.

Dwan died in Los Angeles at the age of 96, and was buried in the Cemetery San Fernando Mission, Mission Hills, California. The Hollywood Walk of Fame star placed him for his contribution to the world of cinema located on Hollywood Boulevard 6263.

Partial filmography


* The generous thief (The Good Bad Man) (1916)

* The arreglalotodo (Mr. Fix-It) (1918)

* In the land of the Moor (Bound in Morocco) (1918)

* Forest Robin (Robin Hood) (1922)

* Who steals a thief (legal Larceny) (1923)

* Zaza (Zaza) (1923)

* As a brother (Big Brother) (1923)

* Pleasure toy (Manhandled) (1924)

* His first love (Her Love Story) (1924)

* A favorite of the Legion (Wages of Virtue) (1924)

* New York night (Night Life of New York) (1925)

* The slave of the past (Coast of Folly) (1925)

* The kitchen to the stage (Stage Struck) (1925)

* The iron mask (The Iron Mask) (1929)

* Tide of Empire (1929)

* Wicked (Wicked) (1931)

* Mientras Paris sleeps (While Paris Sleeps) (1932)

* The madness of the dollar (American Madness) (1932)

* A party in Hollywood (Hollywood Party) (1934)

* Human smuggling (Human Cargo) (1936)

* Dire jewels (Fifteen Maiden Lane) (1936)

* Heidi (1937)

* The three Musketeers (The Three Musketeers) (1939)

* Gorilla (Gorilla The) (1939)

* The path of the heroes (the Trail of the Rangers) (1940)

* A married in distress (Up in Mabel’s Room) (1944)

* My boyfriend is crazy (Brewster’s Millions) (1945)

* Bloody sands (Sands of Iwo Jima) (1949)

* The Queen of Montana (Montana Belle) (1952)

* Philo silver (Silver Lode) (1954)

* The player (Tennessee’s Partner) (1955)

* Slightly Scarlet (Slightly Scarlet) (1956)

* At the edge of the River (The river’s Edge) (1957)