Clinton Eastwood Jr. (May 31, 1930, San Francisco, California, United States) is an actor, film director, film producer, writer, musician and composer.

It has been awarded five Academy Awards, an Irving g. Thalberg, five Golden Globe Awards Prize, a Screen Actors Guild Award and five People’s Choice Awards Awards apart from other international awards. His extensive career stretches 1955 to the present day (2010).


His parents were Clinton Eastwood Sr. and Margaret Ruth (Runner) Eastwood.[ 1 ] Born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, to go a city to another with his father in search of work during the Great depression. They could not afford to pay higher studies, so after finishing school, he had to start working on various tasks as a lumberjack, bricklayer, pianist, forest firefighter, limpiapiscinas, worker of metal and many others who served more to earn a living.

He served as an instructor in swimming at Fort Ord military service. This allowed him to save a few dollars you could pay a few kinds of dramatic art in Los Angeles College.

It is noteworthy that it was heavily influenced by two friends who met at camp military: David Janssen, who became famous for his role as an actor in the series the fugitive, and Martin Milner, who performed another series entitled the life of Ritley. Thanks to them won a contract with the Universal 76 weekly $ guaranteed 40 weeks a year of work in their studios. At that time large studies had a so-called policy Star-system, that were in charge of forming and polishing the future stars.

In 1953, at the age of 23, he married Maggie Johnson, who became the mother of his sons, Kyle and Alison, and a year later made his debut in a film called Revenge of the creature with director Jack Arnold, repeating with him in the film Tarantula. The same year (1955) worked in films such as Francis in the navy or Lady Godiva.

He spent six years working in a television series called Rawhide. This made his undeniable neatness and good thought became very popular in the media.

But his great leap to fame was in 1964, when Richard Harrison and James Coburn rejected the leading role of Magnificent Stranger Sergio Leone, filmed in Almería. The film ended up graduating for a fistful of dollars. Anecdotally, Eastwood had to bring his own costume buying the poncho would be famous in the following films of Sergio Leone.

With the spaghetti westerns for a fistful of dollars, death had a price (in Latin America for a few dollars more) and the good, the ugly and bad, Clint Eastwood embolsó figure of $ 270,000. Eastwood stamp his classical hard and merciless figure in these films.

In 1968 he created his own production company, The Malpaso Company (later Malpaso Productions), which has made all of his films since then.

In his country, he worked on this first time with actors such as Richard Burton, Lee Marvin, Shirley MacLaine, Telly Savalas and Donald Sutherland, consecrating a celluloid action star. Your image became popular, so many mimicked his way of being and requesting his autograph everywhere to whichever. At that time, Eastwood liked to walk with an orangutan as a pet.

In 1971 decided to direct his first film, The Beguiled: The Story Teller, a documentary about the shooting of the film the seductive Don Siegel, in which he played the lead role.

That same year, Don Siegel offers paper to mark his acting career, Dirty Harry, which returns the man hard and merciless previous films, but become agent law. It would come later Harry Fort, a sequel to the series. These performances Eastwood definitively enshrined it as a movie star and framed it as hard.

Originally thought that you interpreted it John Wayne, but did not dare, to think that it could be negative for its image by their controversial “gratuitous violence”.

Reviving the poor called western, makes two movies, Joe Kidd and cowards hell, his second film as director.

For fear of being typecast chauvinist and fascist after starring in his following films, Harry Fort and Harry the executor, you choose to interpret the films A bounty of $ 500,000, license to kill and the outlaw.

In 1986 entered political life as Mayor by the Republican party, of Carmel, the city where resides habitually, and a year later abandons charge for lack of time to make his movies, but because as director and actor.

Her sentimental life suffers from a sudden change known actress Sondra Locke, while wheel suicidal route, which eventually fell in love with and causing the break with his wife Maggie Johnson, 25 years of marriage.

Sondra-Clint sentimental relationship ended in 1989, due to his romance with the actress Frances Fisher (no forgiveness or Titanic), you should also a daughter. Seven years later would end up marrying the Latin journalist Dina Ruiz.

Experiencing as director and evolving towards a more creative stage, makes several films followed, performed by himself. Include Firefox, sudden impact, the pale Horseman and finally the iron Sergeant.

By their polished and successful work in 1991 receives the Irving g. Thalberg award for his career at the Academy Awards gala.

From that moment directed a series of films that become you one of the directors of the years 90. After Bird and Hunter white, heart black, directs that some consider his best film, no forgiveness (also called the unforgivable Latin America), which eventually becomes the western classical, and was honored with a Golden Globe Award for best director and four Oscars, including the best film and best director, was also candidate for best actor.

n 2004 he directed and starred alongside Morgan Freeman Million Dollar Baby, a great film dramatic cut re-edits the success achieved with no forgiveness, and that makes him to win his second Academy Award for best director, apart from getting the prize for best film.

In 2006 he returned to his facet as a director and directed two films titled (based on the novel by one of the surviving children of the battle) flags of our fathers and letters from Iwo Jima. Both films have the experiences of the Battle of Iwo Jima from American and Japanese views respectively.

In A perfect world turned himself and shared poster with one of the fashionable at that time, Kevin Costner, whereupon he filmed the bridges of Madison County, where his interpretive quality reaffirms sharing cartel with Meryl Streep.

Runs his own daughter in midnight in the garden of good and evil (1997), and in the year 2000, together with the renowned actors Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner, stars in and directs Space Cowboys, second most grossing film United States that year.

Mystic River, film directing in 2003, means the Eastwood back to drama. With this film gets six nominations for the Academy Awards, including best picture and best director, winning two awards (best actor and best supporting actor).

Other activities

Apart from its facets as a filmmaker, director and actor, he has been passionate Jazz music from an early age and has several sports companies and hospitality, including a luxury in the town of Monterey Country resort. Is reputed to be a sportsman; man It has in fact always fostered a reference image, in which sport is part of his life, and despite their age, maintains a good physical fitness.

Supporter of the Republican party since his youth, it has gone distancing from the political game and is currently defined as a libertarian.

Their children

Eastwood has been married twice and has six daughters and two sons of five emotional companions.

* Kimber Eastwood (17-06-64) with Roxanne Tunis.

* Kyle Eastwood (19-05-68) and Alison Eastwood (22-05-72) with Maggie Johnson.

* Scott C. Reeves Eastwood (21-03-86) and Kathryn Ann Reeves Eastwood (02-02-88) Jacelyn Reeves.

* Heather Eastwood (19-07-1988) is mentioned in some publications without further background.

* Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (07-08-93) with Frances Fisher.

* Morgan Eastwood (12-12-96) with Dina Ruiz.


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Academy Awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2006       Best film              Letters from Iwo Jima    Candidate

2006       Best director      Letters from Iwo Jima    Candidate

2004       Best film              Million Dollar Baby           Winner

2004       Best director      Million Dollar Baby           Winner

2004       Best actor            Million Dollar Baby           Candidate

2003       Best film              Mystic River       Candidate

2003       Best director      Mystic River       Candidate

1994       Prize in memory of Irving Thalberg           Winner

1992       Best film              Without forgiveness       Winner

1992       Best director      Without forgiveness       Winner

1992       Best actor            Without forgiveness       Candidate

BAFTA awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2009       Best director      Changeling          Candidate

1992       Best film              Without forgiveness       Candidate

1992       Best director      Without forgiveness       Candidate

Golden Globe Awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2010       Award for best actor in the 1990s                             Candidate

2010       Best Director      Invictus                Candidate

2009       Best original song             Gran Torino        Candidate

2009       Best soundtrack               Changeling          Candidate

2008       Best original song             Grace Is Gone   Candidate

2008       Best soundtrack               Grace Is Gone   Candidate

2007       Best director      Flags of our fathers         Candidate

2007       Best director      Letters from Iwo Jima    Candidate

2007       Best non-English language film Letters from Iwo Jima    Winner

2005       Best director      Million Dollar Baby           Winner

2005       Best soundtrack               Million Dollar Baby           Candidate

2004       Best film – drama              Mystic River       Candidate

2004       Best director      Mystic River       Candidate

1996       Best director      The bridges of Madison County                 Candidate

1993       Best film – drama              Without forgiveness       Candidate

1993       Best director      Without forgiveness       Winner

1989       Best director      Bird        Winner

1988       Cecil B. DeMille Award   Winner