Ana María Rodríguez stream, better known as Ana Mariscal (Madrid, July 31, 1923 – † Madrid, March 28, 1995) was an actress and film director Spanish.


He made his debut in cinema by chance: exact sciences student accompanied his brother Luis Arroyo actor in the film last Hussar (1940), Luis Markina; director noticed her and decided to intervene in the film.

A year later he starred race, José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, along with Alfredo Mayo and became one of the great stars of Spanish film of the time. Thus starts a fraught with greatest hits on the big screen trajectory and continues for more than a decade. Wheel during that time, including cross-lives (1942), Luis Markina; Tomorrow today (1947), de Mariano pombo; Princess Ursins (1947), Lucia Luis; The drum of the Bruch (1947), Ignacio f. Iquino, Pact of silence (1949), Antonio Román, or the Queen of the Chantecler (1962), Rafael Gil.

He combines his presence on the big screen with notable performances on stage, which had debuted at the beginning of the Decade in the Teatro María Guerrero, from the hand of Luis Escobar. After working at the National Theatre is a company with which goes on tour to Argentina.

At the beginning of the fifties begins to decline his popularity as an actress and creates the Bosco films production company. Shortly after he began to producing, directing and writing scripts for their own films; Second López, urban adventurer (1953); Mass in Compostela (1954); Life made fire (1959)… It would be in 1963 with The road, when you finally reach the critical acclaim for his work behind the camera.

This did not prevent him continue acting on the orders of other directors, albeit much more sporadically; He was present, therefore, in titles of enormous commercial impact in his time, such as Jeromín (1953), Luis Lucia; A lost day (1954), of José María forqué; Clear Morena (1954), Luis Lucia or the violetera Luis César amadori (1958).

In her later years she lived secluded from the world of entertainment and devoted himself to literature.


* Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos Prize (1945). Best actress for A shadow in the window.

* Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos Prize (1949). Best actress for A man is on the track.

* Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos Prize (1950). Best actress by from woman to woman.