André Téchiné (born 13 March 1943 in Valence-d’Agen, France) is a film director and screenwriter French.

He studied in Paris and started in film as an Assistant Director of Jacques rivette. Téchiné served as critic for the Cahiers du cinéma (1964-67). In 1970 made his first film Paulina s’ in going. In 2003 he won the prix René clair for his work. Falls it to bertrand tavernier, in the generation that followed the famous nouvelle Vague.

His films are characterised by examining human relations with an intimate, careful and little sentimental style. In his biography of the Brontë sisters, Les sœurs Brontë (1979) (Brontë sisters). dark and lacking color environment serves to emphasize the lack of attraction in the life of the sisters. In Rendez-vous (1985), Téchniné explored in detail the nature of a sadomasochistic relationship with one of his favorite actresses, Juliette Binoche. The film earned the director the award for Best Director at the cannes Festival. One of his most acclaimed films was my favorite station (1993), a provincial family relations in a cold world. The film participated in the Cannes Festival.

The best film of Téchiné for many is Les roseaux sauvages (1994)(Los_Juncos_salvajes). In this film director examines life sentimental of teenagers with war-background Algeria. This film received Cesar and 1994 Delluc award. It is assumed that this film is based on the autobiographical experiences of director.

Téchiné films is always somehow homosexuality, that the director wishes to approach to all forms of human sexuality without giving priority to none.[ 1 ] This is evident in his 2006 film witnesses (Les témoins), on HIV in the 1980s.


* 1970: Paulina s’ in goes

* 1972: Michel, l’enfant-roi a TV series

* 1975: Souvenirs d’en France

* 1976: Barocco

* 1979: Les Sœurs Brontë

* 1981: Hôtel des Amériques

* 1983: La Matiouette ou l’Arrière-pays

* 1985: Rendez-vous

* 1986: Le Lieu du crime

* 1987: Les Innocents

* 1991: J’embrasse pas

* 1993: Ma saison préférée

* 1994: Les Roseaux sauvages

* 1994: Le chêne et le roseau-TV version of “Les Roseaux sauvages”

* 1996: Les Voleurs

* 1998: Alice et Martin

* 2001: Far (Loin)

* 2003: Les Égarés

* 2004: Other times (Les Temps qui changent)

* 2006: Witnesses with emmanuelle béart and michel blanc

* 2007: R.E.R. (draft)