Ángeles González-Sinde Reig (b. Madrid;) (7 April 1965) is a screenwriter and Director of cinema, and from April 7, 2009, Minister of culture of Spain


Born in Madrid in 1965. He studied Classical philology at the Complutense University of Madrid, made a screenplay film masters at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and perfected her studies of cinematography at the american film institute in Los Angeles.[ 1 ] Before you make a career in film, González-Sinde worked as translator, concert promoter, the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan editor and an editorial.

Writer of numerous television series, such as Truhanes or the messy house, as well as a dozen films, including has been the good star, Ricardo Franco (1997), which won her first Goya Award. His debut as Director and one of his most awarded work was the sleeping luck movie (2003), starring Adriana ozores. It was also a Director of one of the shorts of Madrid 11 M: all were going on that train (2004). His most recent screenplay, explicit sex [ 3 ] comedy lies and fat (2009), starring actors in popularity thanks to their participation in SOAP, has proved to be a box-office hit.

Since December 2006 he was head of the Presidency of the Spain motion picture Sciences and Academy (AACCE), charge that replaced the Mercedes sampietro actress. Is the daughter of filmmaker José María González-sinde, founder and first President of the Academy and Angels Reig; also has a younger brother (his father homonym) also devoted to the world of cinem

In June 2008 he gave support to the manifesto for the common language.

Ministry of culture

After deep remodelling of the Spain Government on 7 April 2009, she was appointed Minister of culture as an independent, replaced by César Antonio Molina.

During the gala of the Goya Awards 2009 as President of the Academy of cinema, had made a speech on the free file downloads, claiming that they were endangering the survival of the Spanish film, benefiting only the operators of ADSL.[ 7 ] For this reason, his appointment caused a movement between groups of Internet users immediate rejection.[ 8 ] [ 9 ] Association of Internet users (AI) considered for appointment as a provocation of Zapatero the community of Internet users.[ 10 ] The day of his election was created in a group of protest Facebook calling for his resignation.[ 11 ] The arguments adduced by the Association of Internet users to call for his resignation is his appointment contradicting the requirements of law 5/2006 of 10 April, for the regulation of the conflicts of interest of the members of the Government and the General State administration charges high

In January of 2010, an appeal against the Ángeles González-Sinde impartiality has been admitted by the Audiencia Nacional.


As a writer

* The messy house-(1 episode, 1996) TV series.

* The good star (1997), Ricardo Franco.

* Black tears (1998), Ricardo Franco.

* Second skin (1999), Gerardo Vera.

* The reasons for my friends (2000), of Gerardo Herrero.

* My old life (2001), Héctor Olivera.

* Cuéntame cómo pasó-(2001) TV series.

* Mystery Galíndez (2003), of Gerardo Herrero.

* Manolito gafotas – Antonio Mercero (2004) TV series.

* Sleeping luck (2003).

* Life that is waiting for you (2004), Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón.

* The bitch and the whale (2004), of Luis puenzo.

* Madrid bombings: All were going on that train (2004), several directors.

* Between live and dream (2004), Alfonso Albacete and David menkes.

* Heroin (2005), of Gerardo Herrero.

* Difficult gaits (2006), of Gerardo Herrero.

* We are all invited (2007), Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón.

* A Word from you (2008).

* Lies and fat (2009), Alfonso Albacete and David menkes.

As Director

* Sleeping luck (2003).

* Madrid bombings: All were going on that train (2004) – segment “like the others’.

* A Word from you (2008).

As an actress

* Bengador Gusticiero and his mother custard (1977) – the role of the mother – custard


* Goya Award best original screenplay by good fortune, Ricardo Franco (1997).

* Nomination for the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos awards for the best adapted screenplay for the reasons of my friends (2000), of Gerardo Herrero.

* Award nomination for best adapted screenplay for the Argentina film critics Association for my old life (2001), Héctor Olivera.

* Nomination for best film in the Bogota Film Festival at sleeping luck (2003).

* Award nomination for best film at the Valladolid international film week by sleeping luck (2003).

* Goya Award best novel Director sleeping luck (2003).

* Turia Award for best novel work by sleeping luck (2003).

* Award for best screenplay at the 20th Spanish Málaga film by heroin (2005), Gerardo Herrero.

* Edebé Prize for children’s literature by Rosanda and the art of birli birloque. (2006)    * Nomination to the Goya in 2008 best screenplay-adapted by A word from you.