Jorge Grau Solà (Barcelona, October 27, 1930) is a filmmaker Spanish who developed most of his filmography between the 1960s and 1970s. Writer, actor and director, Grau has shown ample versatility in his film career, documentary film, experimental film, socially committed film genres and fantasy films.

She began her foray into cinema as Assistant Director in films like waiting ten rifles (1959) José Luis Sáenz de Heredia and A man network riccardo freda (1957). The coincidence was that it would be involved in the filming of a documentary about the Barbate tuna fishing when preparing the screenplay of what would be his first movie, summer night (1962).

Films such as back-office (1975), critical of Opus dei, the spontaneous (1963) and A love story (1966) convey moral messages that once sparked controversy. Bloody ceremony (1972) and his two forays into fantasy films, which have ensured a site of honour in the Spanish cinematography not desecrate the dead dream (1974). Realistic willingness is present in all of his films.

Filmography as director

* Otxarkoaga (1961)

* Midsummer night’s (1962)

* The spontaneous (1964)

* Actaeon (1965)

* A love story (1966)

* Tuset Street (1968)

* Club girls (1972)

* Bloody ceremony (1972)

* Not desecrate the dead dream (1974)

* Back-office (1975)

* The unspeakable secret of a good boy (1975)

* The siesta (1976)

* A nun love letters (1978)

* Hunting ground (1983)    * The stab (1989)

* Better times (1994)