Antonio Giménez-Rico (20 November 1938, Burgos, Castile and León, Spain) is a film director and screenwriter Spanish.


Graduated in law from the University of Valladolid has also studied journalism and piano. Film critic “Garci” magazine. He was Assistant Director of vittorio cottafavi and Eugenio Martin, among others, before shooting his first film. He has also made several documentaries and television series such as Pliny (and a chapter of tales and legends, chronicles a people or events page). He has been President of the Academy of Arts and the film of Spain.


Direction and screenplay

* Bone (1967)

* Carnival (1969 television series Pliny, based on the character of Francisco García Pavón)

* Do you are my father? (1971)

* Family portrait (1976, a my idolatrado son Sisi novel of Miguel Delibes)

* Finally alone, but… (1977)

* Dressed in blue (1984)

* Jarrapellejos (1987, based on the novel by Philip wheat)

* Laura Spanish (1988, written in collaboration with Rafael Azcona)

* Fourteen stations (1990)

* Three words (1993)

* Shades and lights: one hundred years of cinema Spanish (1996, documentary)

* First and last love (2002, based on the novel of Torcuato Luca de Tena)

* Hotel Danube (2003 remake of the Red fish, José Antonio Nieves Conde, 1955)

* The book of water (2008, based on the novel by Alejandro López Andrada)


* The cronicón (1970)

* Mr. Cayo disputed vote (1986, based on the novel by Miguel Delibes)

* Rats (1998, based on the novel by Miguel Delibes)


* Old color days (1968, directed by Pedro Olea