Aragüés Paul (Zaragoza, Spain, February 25, 1982) is a film director, producer and screenwriter Aragonese. Considered one of the most prolific directors of his generation, Pablo Aragüés is the first European to directing a musical comedy in 3D.


From a very young woman linked to the world of short film, began shooting films format short since his teens, when he founded the film The mechanics of the Orange group. It has also been President of the Assembly of filmmakers Aragonese (2005-2008).

He studied advertising and public relations at the Complutense University of Madrid, has worked in advertising (Portalmix, Terra…), and especially in audiovisual dedicated to music, making music videos for bands such as Saxon, Porta, rapper or the zaragozans China Chana, concerts for Verse rapists fruits and vegetables, and series for MySpace, HBO and Endemol, as the successful Bustamante. One of our.

It’s been jury of the Cannes Film Festival, where he also presented Perceval, jenneuse prix one of short films more expensive European budget € 300,000. Film cutting historical which counted with a team of more than 100 people from United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Argentina and Chile. It tells the search for the Holy Grail Knights of the round table. The role of King Arthur he was the lead singer of the Saxon, biff byford English heavy metal band and one of his themes is part of the soundtrack. The film won several awards and was selected in a variety of international festivals.

In recent years, she has explored more experimental formats as variant of stop motion shot motion he calls. To apply the traditional technique of stop motion to real actors and filming a cinematically normal mode, only that slowed down faster, for then recreate the normal speed of the movement of the actors in post production. This technique reverses the natural film. So first all audio is recorded and mount dialogues, actors shot scenes with his sentences as playback. This technique has made the trilogy Ne pourrais echápper des fantômes tes, rhythm and five deaths of Ibrahim Gonsález, the latter which more recognition and awards provided, adding more than 20 awards and special mentions for the collection in theCogiendo el ritmo En los últimos años, ha explorado formatos más experimentales, como la variante del , que él denomina . Consistente en aplicar la tradicional técnica del stop motion a actores reales y filmar de un modo cinematográficamente normal, solo que a una velocidad ralentizada, para luego poder recrear la velocidad normal del movimiento de los actores en postproducción. Esta técnica invierte el proceso natural cinematográfico. De modo que primero se registra todo el sonido y, con el montaje de los diálogos, los actores ruedan sus escenas con sus frases como. Con esta técnica ha realizado la trilogía , y Las cinco muertes de Ibrahim Gonsález, éste último el que más reconocimiento y premios le ha proporcionado, sumando más de una veintena de premios y menciones especiales, como la recogida en el Festival de Málaga.

Following the process of immersion in experimental formats, Aragüés has two years involved fully in the development of language stereoscopic 3D. From his production company 3 + D Entertainment, along with its partner Álvaro Arrúe, he has done various works, almost all related to music. Paul Aragüés is also author of films Nights Rojas and Road to Wacken, this last the first comedy shot in 3D in Europe.


Feature films

* Road to Wacken. (2011)

The first European co-production in 3D. Premieres in January 2011 in cinemas around the world.

* Red nights. (2007)

Independent thriller inspired by the works of dashiell hammett, especially in the famous Red harvest, which interlocked four stories of action, each guided by a character of a corrupt city in which behind the problem of urban speculation. After a screening of their first 12 minutes in Cannes, there was an attempt to distribution in Hong Kong, Japan and Germany, which was truncated by disparity in the negotiations. Opened Zaragoza Film Festival 2007.

* It is later. (1996)

Experiment of youth which was developing a green background story in a post-apocalyptic future without law.

Short films

* Light. (2010)

* Catching the rhythm. (2009)

* Ne pourrais echapper des fantômes tes. (2009)

* 5 Deaths of Ibrahim Gonsález. (2009)

Mención Especial del Jurado en el Festival de Cine de Málaga (2010) / Premio al Mejor Corto del Festival Abycine (Albacete, 2010) / Premio al Mejor Corto del Festival de Castellón (2010) / Mención Especial en el Festival de FX Segundo de Chomón (2010) / Premio al Mejor Corto del Festival Rendibú de Murcia (2010) / Premio Jurado Joven al Mejor Corto Español del Festival Curtocircuito de Santiago de Compostela (2010) / Premio Mejor Corto Aragonés en vídeo y Premio al Mejor Realizador Joven en el XIV Festival de Cine de Zaragoza (2009) / Premio al Mejor Director y al Mejor Montaje en el Festival de Fuentes de Ebro (2009)

* Perceval. (2007)

SFC of the Cannes Film Festival. / Festival of Valls (Tarragona) (2007) Special jury prize / Award “Intramural” best short, best cinematography award and Prize for best direction of producer in the Festival of Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza) (2007).

* The Hitchhiker. (2005)

* Huída playing tiles. (2004)

Starring Oscar nominee Nacho vigalondo / Award for the best soundtrack in the National Festival of young filmmakers city of Zaragoza (2004). / Production direction Prix SCIFE (2004)

* Samurai. (2003)

* Parking. (2003)

Winner of the Scholarship Acín Ramón, Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza (2003). / Best cinematography award and nominated best short film Aragonés video and Best screenplay Festival of young filmmakers city of Zaragoza (2003). / The best soundtrack award in Fuentes de Ebro Festival (2004).

* The footsteps of Alcazar. (2002)

Award for best short film Aragonés video and best editing award at the Festival of young filmmakers city of Zaragoza (2002). / Selected by [SGAE] among the five best shorts of 2002.

* Riders on the storm. (2001)

* Kaleidoscope. (2001)

* Shooting perfect. (2001)

* The cask of amontillado. (2000)

* Mobile phone: fly to Moscow. (2000)

Audience award of the week of cinema and the image of Fuentes de Ebro in 2000.

* There are days better than others. (1999)

* Crescendo. (1999)

* I have power! (1999)

* A park with views. (1998)

* The top of the world. (1997)

* It is later. (1996)

Series for the Internet

* Bustamante. One of our (2008)

The greatest success of his year in Internet series.

* Porta. In the mouth of so many. (2008)

Controversial series that starts director interest in hybrid formats of video, concerts, reality and fiction. It won several awards at various European festivals of television.

* Girl TV. (2008)

* Hunter Z Top. (2005)

Mini series performs together with his friend and collaborator Victor Berlin, inspired by the writer hunter S. Thompson.

Video clips

* Live (3D). China Chana. (2010)

* Torpe and free . Fruit and vegetables (2010)

* Batallions of steel. (3D). Saxon (2009)

First music video 3D of a rock/metal band from the world.

* Param all-star (3D). Fruit and vegetables (2009)

* The heartbeat of Rock n’ Roll. Antiheros. (2009)

* Our moment. Fruit and vegetables (2008)

* Could be. Lyrical expressive. (2004)

Concerts in direct

* wacken Open air (3D) (2010)

* vinilove Festival. (3D) (2010)

* Verse rapists + SA. (2008)

* Saxon. Inner Sanctum. (2008)

* Canto del loco / Fito and Fitipaldis / tide / Melendi. Pillars Zaragoza. (2005)


Currently Paul Aragüés develops technology and language stereoscopic 3D from your business 3 + D Entertainment, along with his partner Alvaro Arrúe.

In 2010 has shot the film Road to Wacken, the first European co-production in 3D and the first in a musical film on a festival format. It’s a hispano-alemana production that combines the road movie of a band to play Germany to the festival heavy metal largest in the world, with live performances by this festival, wacken Open air. The film will debut in 3D theaters in the world in January 2011. Currently also prepares the filming of the stereoscopic film blame squeezes more triggers, filmed in December 2010.