Arantza Ibarra Basañez Guernica (town), Biscay, 1975-) is an Illustrator, creator, Publisher, reader and writer of Tales, musician and writer and filmmaker who lives in coastal country of Ondarroa.

Education and studies

He attended primary and infant ikastola Ondarroa and high school in San Sebastian.

Also won music education base of solfège, piano and harmony lessons. Later he began lessons of battery.

In Madrid he was about to pursue “aerospace” but he chose definitively for study at University of Deusto in Bilbao “computer engineering”, feeling at the same time close. Once there, he began lessons “Computer music” and “Edition” with an eye on the world of television.

Began to see that he was not expected the diploma of “Visual art and communication,” opening the doors of themes I wished to explore such as graphic design, multimedia, video, scripts and advertising and therefore, the creative world.

Cartoons also had its place in the education of the ondarresa of which he learned in a course. They join “psilicon graphics” courses as axis 3D technology.

Work as a creative

* “Blue Europe”: design and layout of the magazine.

* “BSB advertising”: Art Director.

* “Direct & mind”: marketing agency.

* “nemonica”: graphic designer.

* “Bilbao exhibition Centre”: stands and scenarios.

Writer, Director and singer

Reconciling work and literary pursuit, the children’s book “basotxo” the Publisher “erein” was released. Then another child title: “Saikū detektibea”, with the publishing house “desclée de brouwer”.

While in the “BSB advertising” agency, began to write the screenplay of his first film and even to prepare a musical.

I wanted to test the world of film and music but not had any opportunity.[ 1 ] Many of the projects of Arantza stayed on the road: a musical without producer, animation workspace, the screenplay for a film of adult people, style songs jazz and soul… But at the end of the world of cinema, the awaited occasion came: “alokatu” producer liked the screenplay written by Arantza and gave him the opportunity to direct his film. Alfonso arandia offered his help and in 2009 was “Zigortzaileak” (“the Punisher”), to request a year of escedencia at work. They had a pass of the film at the San Sebastian International Film Festival 2010 [ 2 ] and likewise at the “Gijon Film Festival” [ 3 ] and the “women in direction Film Festival” basin.[ 4 ]

Officially, the film will debut on January 5, 2011 in theaters.

As a curiosity, it is worth mention that addition to write the screenplay for the film and direct it, Arantza has composed songs for the soundtrack.

Other projects

Today, preparing the indent of a musical, you want to publish a book, sings songs for children and read them stories.

Published books

* Basotxo eta Zuhaitzak – Erein, 2006 [ 5 ]

* Basotxo eta Kirolak – Erein, 2006 [ 6 ]

* Detektibea gozoki lapurraren bila – Saiku Desclée de Brouwer, 2007 [ 7 ]

* Basotxo eta handiak – animali Erein, 2008 [ 8 ]

* Basotxo eta dantzak – Erein, 2008 [ 9 ]

* Telina banpiruaren etxean – Desclée de Brouwer, 2010 [ 10 ]


“Zigortzaileak” (Basque version), “The Punisher” (Spanish version) – Alokatu 2011 [ 11 ]

Director, screenwriter, lyrics and music composer and voice of the “festa” song.