Manuel Hidalgo (Pamplona, 25 November 1953) is a journalist and writer Spanish.


Degree in journalism from Universidad de Navarra, in his career he has worked as a columnist magazine Cambio 16 and frames (of which he was editor-in-Chief) and Diario 16 and El Mundo newspaper (since 1989). Founded in the latter and the Cinelandia weekly supplement drigió.


Television after finishing The evening of Spanish television magazine in 1988, became Director of space which replaced it, Tal Cual of interviews and reports, by José María Fraguas.


In the world of film he worked as a screenwriter, participating in movies as A woman in the rain (1992), of Gerardo Vera, The goalkeeper (2000), Gonzalo suárez, great occasions (1998), Summer clouds (2004) or women in the Park (2006), these last three of the film director Felipe Vega.


As a novelist with the work on impeccable sinner (1986), which was the smile Vertical Award finalist. Azucena, who plays tennis (1988), Olé (1991), all ye (1995), Princess dance (1997), August days (2000) and outstanding short stories (2003) were subsequently published. In October 2007 he won the first Prize novel Logroño, worth 90,000 euros for the winner, which moves the air, released in March 2008.

Books on film

Specializing in film criticism, also has written several essays on the subject: Carlos saura (1981), Fernando fernán Gómez (1981), talks with Berlanga (1982), Francisco Rabal (1985), and Paul g. Del Amo, editor of dreams (1987).