Benigno Angel Quevedo Gil, nicknamed nino Quevedo. (Madrid, 1929 – id.) (24 July 2006). Writer, screenwriter and film director Spanish.

He excelled in his first film, Goya: history of a solitude in 1971 with Paco Rabal and Marisa Paredes at an approach to the figure of the painter Francisco de Goya. The rest of his filmography is the production of The aunt Tula in 1967, adaptation of Pío Baroja, with interpretation of Lola gaos and Irene Gutiérrez caba and Living tomorrow in 1983 with Pilar bardem and Antonio ferrandis among others directed by Mario Picazo.

His writings stand out collection of stories hors de combat (Antonio Machado Prize, 2001) and City clay and gold, a novel which was the Sesame award in 2003