Born Sarah Polley on January 8, 1979 in Toronto, Ontario. It is an actress, singer and Canadian film director, he has participated in films such as El Porvenir sweet atom egoyan (where he worked on some songs on vocals), (1997) Guinevere (1999), living without limits (1999), my life without me (2003) and the adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) of terry gilliam.

Sarah is the youngest of five children of Michael polley, British actor (attended acting classes with Albert finney in England before moving to Canada), and actress / casting diane polley, Director who died of cancer shortly before the eleventh birthday of Sarah. In spite of being a student magnificent not graduated at Earl Haig Secondary School.

His first film appearance was four years in the role of Molly in magical Christmas (1985) a Disney movie. Later became the first episode of the series friday the 13th (mystery for three).At age eight, he submitted to in the title role in television series “Ramona” based on Beverly Cleary’s books. Though it would be another year later when he jumped to the general public as Sara Stanley on the popular CBC television series “Road to Avonlea”, produced by Kevin Sullivan. Series made famous and economically independent, and won the affection of Canada press.

Seven years with the program, Sarah was furious by the Americanization of the series that was purchased by the Disney Channel for distribution in the United States, then you left the series temporarily. Shortly after the series was cancelled (due to lack of audience), but she came back as Sara Stanley for the final episode.

Took their disenchantment with Disney is root in an incident during the Gulf war, when Disney invited her to appear in a Children’s Awards Show in Washington dc, twelve-year used a symbol of peace in the event against the producers. Disney has it been blacklist since then.

After the problem with Disney, Polley focused its efforts on left-wing politics became a prominent member of the new Democratic Party, where his political mentor Peter Kormos. Financially independent from the age of fourteen, in 1993 the young left-wing maverick began living with a twenty years older man in his own House. (About this, she says that his father should have tried to stop it)

In 1995, he lost several teeth a confrontation with police while he complained against the Conservative Government of Mike Harris in Queen’s Park, Toronto. Subsequently he became involved with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

After the incident in Ontario returned to acting with “The sweet hereafter” (1997) which attracted considerable attention in the USA; This role would become it a favorite of the Sundance Film Festival.

It was introduced to the role of Penny Lane in “almost famous” mega-production, but he left the project to return to Canada to make a film of low-budget, “the law of enclosures” (2000). The role went to Kate Hudson.

In 2003, was part of the Advisory Team of the re-elegido this September and Mayor of Toronto David Miller married David Wharnsby, which carried out a total of seven years.

He made his debut in direction with the film away from her (2006), based on Alice Munro short story “The Bear Came Over the Mountain”. The film with her and julie Christie as protagonists, was released on September 11, 2006 Toronto International festival.

The film really liked variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and the three Toronto dailies, which highlighted the performances of Christie and her co-star, Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent, and for Polley’s direction.

“Away from her” was acquired by Lionsgate to launch in the United States for the sum of $750,000. It is expected the Distributor, which plans to release the film in 2007, to launch a major campaign for the Academy Awards, the performance of Christie and Polley as drew.


* Splice (2010)

* Mr. Nobody (2009)

* Away from Her (2007) Director and screenwriter (nominated for an Oscar for best adapted screenplay)

* At the gates of heaven (2006)

* Beowulf & Grendel (the return of the beast) (2005)

* The Secret Life of Words (2005)

* The awakening (2004)

* Dawn of the Dead (2004)

* My Life Without Me (2003)

* Forgiveness (2002)

* No Such Thing (2001)

* The weight of water (2000)

* The Law of Enclosures (2000)

* Forgiveness (2000)

* Love come down (2000)

* The life before this (1999)

* Guinevere (1999)

* eXistenZ (1999)

* Go (1999)

* Last Night (1998)

* Jerry and Tom (1998)

* The Sweet Hereafter (1997)

* The planet of Junior Brown (1997)

* The Hanging Garden (1997)

* Joe´s so mean to Josephine (1996)

* Children First (1996)

* Exotica (1994)

* Babar: The Movie (1989)

* The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

* PrettyKill (1987)

* Blue Monkey (1987)

* Golden hand (1987)

* Magic Christmas (1985)



Year       Category              Movie   Result

2007       Oscar for best adapted screenplay           Away from her Candidate

[Edit] Other awards

Year       Film/series          Category              Prize      Result

2008       Away from her (2006)    Best adapted screenplay              Oscar     Nominated

2007       Away from her (2006)    Best film              Gold (Seminci) spike       Nominated

2004       My life without my (2003)            Best actress        Genie    Winner

2003       My life without my (2003)            Best actress        Goya     Nominated

2001       Law of Enclosures (2000)              Best actress        Genie    Nominated

1999       Living without limits (1999)          Best supporting actress                 Independent Spirit Award           Nominated

1997       Sweet Hereafter (1997)                Best original song             Genie    Nominated

1997       Sweet Hereafter (1997)                Best actress        Genie    Nominated

1997       Sweet Hereafter (1997)                Best new actress              Toronto Film Critics Association                 Winner

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