Seth Rogen (born 15 April 1982) is an American actor, comedian, writer and Canadian film producer. He began his career doing stand-up comedy for four years when I was a teenager, reaching second place in an amateur comedy in Vancouver contest at age 16. While still living in Canada, he attended the casting to a minor role on freaks and geeks. Of moving to Los Angeles for the role, freaks and geeks was cancelled after one season. He earned a place in the also little lasting Undeclared, series which was responsible for writing.

After working as writer in the final season of Da Ali G show, which he and other writers received an Emmy Award nomination was guided by director judd apatow towards a career in film. He was hired to a supporting role important and credited as co-producer on the debut as director Apatow The 40-Year-Old Virgin. After receiving praise for his performance, Universal pictures agreed to have him as a player in the upcoming movie from Apatow, knocked up.

During his career, has appeared in such films as donnie darko, You, Me and Dupree, zack and miri make a Porno and Fanboys, and produced by Apatow comedies: Superbad (a semi-autobiographical comedy that originally planned to make years earlier, written between Rogen and Evan Goldberg), step brothers and pineapple express. He also co-wrote the screenplay for another comedy Apatow helped produce drillbit Taylor. Also lent her voice to animation Shrek the third movie the Chronicles of Spiderwick, Dr. Seuss’ Horton hears a Who!, kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Alien.

Early years

Rogen was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sandy son, a social worker, and Mark Rogen, who works for non-profit and organizations as an assistant director in The Workmen’s Circle.[ 1 ] [ 2 ] He has described his parents as “Socialist radical Jews”.[ 2 ] He has a sister, Danya, which is a social worker. Rogen attended the Talmud Torah school and Point Grey Secondary School (though never graduated), incorporating many of his colleagues from his writings. It was also known for his comic Camp Miriam live performances.[ 1 ] His beginnings in show business were his 13 years after enrolling in classes of comedy. With his characteristic dry humor, he won second place in the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest 16 years of age, then continue working on the comedy and action.



His first exposure to the entertainment world began with a commercial in Canada at age 13.[ 3 ] Of testing your skills as a comedian, Rogen did not let escape her first role in the series freaks and geeks (1999-2000) with having just attended two auditions. He played the cynical and austere “freak” Ken Miller. judd apatow, the co-producer of the show was very impressed with Rogen improvisation skills.[ 4 ] After the series was canceled in the middle of his first season, Rogen was employed in a similar role in the second series of Apatow, Undeclared (2001-2002), and wrote several chapters. In 2001, Rogen also has a role less as Ricky Danforth in donnie darko, and Dawson’s Creek, a chapter which he claims that he never saw.[ 5 ] After his second series in 2002 cancelled, Rogen developed a sour attitude towards television, without waiting to act in other series unless Apatow was involved.

Career as a screenwriter

His first important work as a writer was to Undeclared, Apatow, second television series which was hired as a writer until he was offered a role as an actor.[ 7 ] During the production of the show, Rogen wrote a chapter and co-wrote four others.

Your experience with Undeclared served him when he and his partner screenwriter evan goldberg joined the team of writers of Da Ali G show for their second season. The show’s writers including Rogen and Goldberg, received an Emmy Award nomination in 2005. At the end, Rogen was hired for that would be the final season of the series; Da Ali G show concluded due to a creative decision so of comedy would be unsustainable if the show would continue much more. However, Rogen association with the star of the show, Sacha baron Cohen, had not ended; Rogen said in an interview made contributions as “accredited” for the film version of Cohen, Borat.

In 2008, Rogen won the best screenplay at the Canadian Comedy Awards by Superbad. He had written the script for this comedy of the year 2007 years before, as something so you start writing. Superbad team sought a version of Rogen at age 18, and chose to jonah hill (who is barely two years younger).[ 9 ] Rogen also wrote the screenplay of drillbit Taylor, starring owen Wilson, and based on a script by 17 pages previously written by john hughes.

Recent projects

Rogen returned to the big screen in 2005 with a role as secondary in Judd Apatow’s directorial debut The 40-Year-Old Virgin next to Steve carell. The film was a massive success, grossing over $ 100,000,000 in the United States.UU. (and more than 177 million worldwide).[ 11 ] Following this success, Apatow gave him the lead role in knocked up (2007).[ 12 ] Apatow had approached Rogen to discuss the project and possible starring roles, but he suggested several concepts of science fiction. Once the director insisted that Rogen would work best in real-life situations, both agreed to the concept of accidental pregnancy that was transformed in knocked up, which Rogen was nominated for best actor at the Canadian Comedy Award awards in 2008, but it was Michael Cera for his role in Superbad who took the prize, film written by Rogen.

Profile of USA Today in the group called “frat pack” of contemporary actors, is a media – mainly us – term for a set of actors who have appeared together in a number of comedies of highest grossing of the late 1990s and first decade of the new millennium. When asked if he was in the group, Rogen said I wasn’t sure.

Rogen and Apatow were behind the comedy Superbad (2007). Rogen and Goldberg wrote, with Apatow as a producer. He also wrote drillbit Taylor, starring Owen Wilson, but did not appear as an actor since history includes most high school students. freaks and geeks, James Franco, teammate reunited with him for comedy pineapple express.[ 16 ] In October 2007, he appeared as host of saturday night live.[ 17 ] Their next release was zack and miri make a Porno directed by kevin Smith, which starred opposite Elizabeth banks, also co-star in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.


Although Rogen has written screenplays for film and television, his comic style tends to have dialogue largely improvised. Apatow noticed this talent in improvisation during the filming of freaks and geeks, what influenced their decision to have Rogen working on Undeclared and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.[ 4 ] Most Apatow projects Rogen characters dialogues often are not in the script. Rogen said you prefer improvise dialogue because it captures the essence of true friends making jokes.[ 19 ] Apatow never stops filming of each shot, allowing you to his actors improvise differently each time. The three roles of Rogen longest to date (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, knocked up and pineapple express), reached over one million feet of film, something almost unprecedented in comedies.


Rogen has described the “shock” entering the industry which is now working with icons of comedy that grew up looking like will ferrell, owen Wilson and jim carrey. Rogen cited the album by Adam sandler, “They’re All Gonna Laugh at You!” (which has Apatow from time to time) as the most fun you’ve ever heard, and “At a medium Pace” track was the seed came his relationship with comedy thing.[ 20 ] Rogen was also a big fan of the first season of Da Ali G show and was exciting working suddenly to Sacha Baron Cohen. Also cites Porky’s and movies bachelor party, besides the by kevin Smith, as inspirations to write sex comedies.[ 21 ] In an interview with MTV, said about Smith: “I feel as if my strengths were always a robbery in some way to Kevin Smith films”.[ 22 ] Smith and his films, Rogen has gone even further and has told: “I would not be a writer if it weren’t for you and your movies”.

Personal life

Rogen moved to Los Angeles at age 16, after being discovered by Apatow in Vancouver.[ 4 ] At the end of his adolescence, his parents moved him from Canada, but by the time I was working on his second TV series, his parents lived in both places, Canada and United States.[ 6 ] Rogen still resides in Los Angeles. He continued writing and producing along with Evan Goldberg, who has worked on Da Ali G show, knocked up, Superbad and pineapple express.[ 24 ] He said also that smokes marijuana daily.[ 25 ]


Year       Title       Paper    Notes

1999       Freaks and Geeks (series)            Ken Miller           Actor

2001       Undeclared (series)        Ron Garner         Actor, writer

Donnie Darko    Ricky Danforth

2004       Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy           Scotty the Cameraman Extra

2005       The 40-Year-Old Virgin   CAL        Actor, co-producer

2006       You, Me and Dupree      Neil        Actor

2007       Third Shrek         Ship Captain       Voice

Knocked Up       Benjamin Stone                Actor, executive producer

Superbad            Officer Michaels               Actor, co-writer, executive producer

2008       The Spiderwick Chronicles           Hogsqueal           Voice

Drillbit Taylor                      Co-writer

Horton Hears a Who!     Morton                Voice

Kung Fu Panda Mantis master   Voice

Step Brothers    Sporting Goods Manager             Cameo

Pineapple Express           Dale Denton       Actor, co-writer, executive producer

Zack and Miri Make a Porno        Zack Brown         Actor

2009       Fanboys               Admiral Seasholtz/The Pimp / star journey alien                Actor

Monsters vs. Aliens        B.O.B     Voice

Observe and Report       Ronnie Barnhardt            Actor

Funny People    Zack Matthews                 Actor, executive producer

2010       The Green Hornet           Britt Reid/The Green Hornet      Actor, co-writer

2011       PandaMonium (Kung Fu Panda 2)            Mantis master   Voice

There Is No Justice In Mexico     Roasted Green