Carlos Jose Mayolo Velasco (in Cali on September 10, 1945 – f. in Bogotá on 3 February 2007) was a director, screenwriter, and film actor. He also worked as a television Director.


He was born in Cali in 1945 and finished high school in Bogotá. He later studied two years of law at the Universidad del Valle in Cali.

He began his career in 1968 as documentary and fiction film director and occasional actor. It became part of the so-called Group of Cali comprising also Luis ospina, Andrés caicedo, Ramiro Arbelaez and Sandro Romero, all amateur movies, who founded the Club Cali film in 1971 and the eye cinema in 1974 magazine. Training, self-taught, alternated his first audiovisual work with cineforos in factories and unions in their city.

In the late 1980s it linked television as director of documentaries and series. He directed two feature films plot: Araucaima mansion, a tape based on the novel of Álvaro Mutis which received the special prize of the Festival of Rio de Janeiro and meat your meat with the performance of Adriana herrán, David Guerrero, vicky Hernández, Santiago García, Sebastian Ospina and same Mayolo; He participated as an assistant director in Fuga directed by Nello Rossati film and directed the accounts clear, TV series Chocolate thick, horror stories, suspense 7: 30 PM, Laura please, coast, the other tiger stripe men, Brujeres and the winner of seventeen Awards Simón Bolívar and 6 nominations at the Cartagena Film Festival in 1991 sugar (1989), a series on regional society traditional living around the Mills sugar, which reached high levels of harmony and broke with the traditional television production charges.

He won various prizes initially short films including The hammock, Asunción, Welcome to London and grabbing people, co-directed with Luis ospina as criticism of Pornomiseria, in 1976 in Taixeira Novaix Festival of Oberhausen in Germany and France. Medium-length films Cali Kaleidoscope and Aquel 19 were worthy of best documentary and fiction proposal Focine.

Apart from his long career as a filmmaker, Mayolo appeared in films such as in search of Mary of Luis ospina and Jorge Nieto, grabbing people, co-directed with Luis Ospina, Luis Ospina, werner herzog Green Cobra Pure blood and serial TV my soul be left to the devil and the sins of Inés Hinojosa.

It is defined by the use of an aesthetics of court “tropical Gothic” Mayolo words is “a version of those stories where there are houses feels fear, empty houses that threaten (… of English Gothic or South America) that exist in the world and to be transferred to Latin America, becoming a kind of parody”.[appointment required]

Died a infarto, Saturday 3 February 2007 in Bogotá.


Feature films

* Araucaima mansion (1986)

* Meat your meat (1983)

* Angelita and Michelangelo (1973) with Andrés caicedo, unfinished film.

Medium-length films

* Welcome to London, co-directed with Maria Emma Mejia.

* The 19 (1985)

Short films

* Hammock (1975)

* Asunción (1976) with Luis ospina

* Rodillanegra (1976)

* Cali, warm, Kaleidoscope (1985)

* Rolling Valley (1985)

* The Madremonte (1986) with raoul held


* Holding people (1977) with Luis Ospina

* Pollution is… (1975)

* Without background (1975)

* Cali movie (1972)

* Hear, see! (1971)

* Monserrate (1971) with Jorge Silva

* St. Ignatius Church (1971)

* Quinta de Bolívar (1969)

* The basuro (1968)

* Corrida (1968)

Television series

* Brujeres (2000).

* Men (1996).

* The other tiger stripe (1993).

* Litoral (1992).

* Laura please (1991).

* Sugar (1989).

* Suspense 7: 30 PM.

* Accounts clear, thick chocolate.

* Tales of horror.