Maria Camila Loboguerrero is a Director, screenwriter, and Editor of film Colombia born in 1941 in Bogotá. It was the first woman in Colombia in break into film as a Director of feature films.


Camila began his studies in fine arts at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá for more then travel to Paris where he studied art history at The Sorbonne in France, there known personalities of the cinema in the country interested in film activity that would lead to a Bachelor’s degree in cinematography at the Vincennes University Universidad de Vincennes of France, later made a few specializations in the direction of educational film and anthropological and documentary at Paris cinema film. In 1971, Camila would Colombia and after overcoming some difficulties would undertake his first fiction feature with his music elsewhere, 1984, with the support of the now defunct State entity FOCINE. In 1990 he made his second short film entitled María Cano about the first woman who served as a political leader in Colombia. Camila Loboguerrero developed a wide range of documentaries, shorts and medium-length films have been awarded prizes at different festivals during the 1990s. In 2001 Camila served as Art Director and producer of the film invisible children from Lisandro Duke. After a long absence in the direction of feature films due in part to the lack of support for the filmmakers following the closure of FOCINE Camila picks up this activity to the film Act adopted in 2003 and made the feature film Christmas Eve with the support of the film fund. The film was released in December 2008.


Feature films

* Christmas Eve (2007)

* Maria Cano, (1990)

* With his music elsewhere, (1984)

Medium-length films

* Dogs life (1986)

* Please color (1985)

Short films

* I am already a thread (1979)

* Ride solitude (1978)


* José Joaquín Barrero (1972)

* Plain and contamination (1973)

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