Cédric Klapisch (neuilly-sur-seine, September 4 of 1961) is a filmmaker, actor, producer and screenwriter French. In the 1980s, began shooting short films as In transit or Ce qui me meut (this short name is also the producer). Afterwards, he worked as scriptwriter and film director. He has also directed a documentary for French television.

Jewish, it was born into a family although it is an atheist. His maternal grandparents were deported to Auschwitz [ 1 ] studied at the Lycée Rodin and when she finished high school, tried to enter the IDHEC (Institut des hautes études cinématographiques, Institute of cinematographic studies), but it suspended. Then came to study in Paris III University and later at Paris VIII University in Saint-Denis, where he obtained the degree in film. His dissertation on Tex avery, woody allen and the Marx Brothers is entitled: «Le non-sens au cinéma, 6 ème sens du 7 ème art ‘ (film, sixth sense of seventh art nonsense). At age 23 he moved to New York University, where will continue their studios for two years.[ 2 ]

After finishing his studies, he works on different shoots release to the realization of their own short films. In spite of a strong media coverage fails the expected success. You will have to wait until an air de famille (as in the best families) to become a part of the French audiovisual scene. His talents will be confirmed with L’auberge espagnole (A mad house) and pour or contre (well au contraire) [either in favour or against (but quite the contrary)].

In 1992, made her first film, Riens du tout, which, though it wasn’t many spectators, was well received by critics. A year later, a television channel proposed making a film about a University which would be entitled Le péril jeune. He had very little budget and starring romain duris and vincent elbaz, who became two of their favorite actors. Due to the success of when it aired on television, two years later premiered at the cinema.

Also during the 1990s he directed three short films to encourage the use of condoms in the fight against AIDS: La chambre, Le poisson Rouge and Le Ramoneur des Lilas. In 1996, Chacun cherche are chat (each one looks for her cat), a story that takes place in a neighbourhood in Paris, at the same time preparing an adaptation of the French Theatre play An Air of Famille (as in the best families). agnès jaoui and Jean-Pierre bacri, the two writers and actors, he asked to adapt the work to the film. He accepted and the film sold 2 and a half million entries, winning two César Awards by the script and other side two for best actor and actress (catherine frot and Jean-Pierre daroussin).

By this time his popularity was limited to achieve sufficient budget to shoot a box-office success, which had already been several years writing. Find a producer and shot the film Peut-être in 1999 with Jean-paul belmondo and Romain Duris along with Vincent Elbaz again. The film not actually triumphed and producers were not satisfied.

After this, wrote a police movie, pour or contre (well au contraire) [nor in favor or against (but quite the contrary)], but the start of filming was delayed 4 months and during this period, decided to shoot in Spain another project with a budget ridiculously under A mad house, sold 3 million entries and became their biggest hit.

In 2005, she made a sequel to A crazy House, Les poupées russes (Russian dolls) with many of the actors of the first part. It also became a hit with audiences and critics. It has recently shot the film Paris, in France 20 February 2008.

Cédric Klapisch is a famous director best known for his recording the details of everyday life. One of their actors fetish, zinedine soualem, which operates in five films, says that Klapisch wheel details that people is not fixed. Also considered a director that gives great importance to music and the sound of his films.


* Glamour toujours (short film)

* Jack le voyeur (short film)

* 1986: In transit (short film)

* 1989: Ce qui me meut (short film)

* 1991: Riens du tout

* 1994: 3000 scénarios contre a virus (composed of two parts: Poisson rouge and La Chambre)

* 1995: Le Péril jeune (TV)

* 1995: Lumière et compagnie (Lumière and company) (documentary film)

* 1996: Chacun cherche are chat (each one looks for her cat)

* 1996: An air de famille (as in the best families) (agnès jaoui and script Jean-Pierre bacri, who won the César award for best original screenplay or adaptation in 1997)

* 1998: Le Ramoneur des Lilas (short film rated X)

* 1999: Peut-être

* 2002: A mad house

* 2003: Pour nor contre (well au contraire) [either in favour or against (but quite the contrary)]

* 2005: The Russian dolls

* 2008: Paris


Alfred hitchcock-style, Cédric Klapisch makes a cameo or brief role of extra in his films:

* In transit: one of the three musicians in New York.

* Ce qui me meut: the cinema Viewer.

* Riens du tout: the man that shows a video camera while the new boss, Lepetit (fabrice luchini), looks to its employees.

* 3000 scénarios contre a virus: there is no cameo in “Le poisson rouge”.

* Le Péril jeune: the young father in motherhood.

* Each one looks for your cat: a passerby looks lost cat poster who says: «anyway, I don’t like the gatos.»»

* As in the best families: father (1967) in the flashbacks.

* Le Ramoneur des Lilas: the driver.

* Peut-être: the bad-tempered grocer.

* A mad house: teacher French lost when giving her class at the University of Barcelona.

* Pour or contre (well au contraire): the journalist who sends Caty to record an interview.

* The Russian dolls: traveller Eurostar expected out of services in which Xavier (romain duris) has locked for writing.

* Paris: the man on the roof during the nightmare of Philippe and the driver of the car in the crash of Caroline.