Julie Gavras is a French film director. She is the daughter of director Costa-gavras Greek origin. Her first film as a directara is the blame it on Fidel (La Faute à Fidel) which was presented at France in November 2006.

After graduating in law and literature, Julie Gavras turned to cinema. He began his career as Assistant Director in Italy and France for commercials, movies for television and film. He has worked with directors such as Robert enrico, claire devers, Jacques nolot, alexandre jardin, camille casabianca, Roberto faenza and michele soavi. He has also worked with his father in the dramatic film about World War II Amen.

In 1988, she directed a short film called Oh les beaux dimanches! produced in Marseille by Comic Strip. Two years later, he directed his first documentary From Dawn to Night: Songs by Moroccan Women. The latter was based on a work of alain Weber mounted at the Bouffes du Nord theater in Paris during the Festival d’Automne. In January 2002 submitted his second documentary that was presentad in France: El Pirata, the witch, the thief and the guys (Le Corsaire, le magicien, you voleur et them enfants). This film centered on a course of nine year students making a film school.

Julie Gavras has also directed several documentaries for art and France 5.