CESC Gay (Barcelona, 1967) is a film director and screenwriter Spanish


He studied cinema in EMAV (Escola Municipal d’Audiovisuals in Barcelona). He debuted as a director in 1998, together with the Argentine Daniel gimelberg, with his Hotel room. In the year 2000 was elected to carry film Broadway Nico and Dani, making its adaptation.

In 2002 she was the creator and responsible for the coordination of the TV3 series dash Jet lag, carried out by the Teatre T company. In 2003 Debuts film in the city (starring among others Mònica Lopez, eduard Fernández, María pujalte) and Leonor watling, which achieves global recognition for their work; with her Eduard Fernández achieved the Goya Award to the best supporting actor, getting nominated for three more to Mónica López com cast and actress for the own Cesc Gay management and adapted screenplay.

In 2006 Debuts Ficció (fiction) by eduard Fernández, Javier Cámara, montse germán, Carme pla and Àgata rock and produced by Gerardo Herrero and Marta Esteban. Film was awarded the National cinema Prize awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2007.


* 2009: Vos based on a play by Carol lopez.

* 2006: Fiction

* 2003: In the city

* 2000: Nico and Dani, based on a play by Jordi Sánchez.

* 1998: Hotel room


Goya Awards

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2004       Best direction    In the city            Candidate

2004       Best original screenplay

with tomàs Aragay          In the city            Candidate

2001       Best novel director          Nico and Dani    Candidate

2001       Best adapted screenplay

with tomàs Aragay          Nico and Dani    Candidate

San Sebastian Festival

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2003       Silver shell           In the city            Candidate

[Edit] Awards Chair

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2004       Best Catalan film              In the city            Winner

2000       Best Catalan film              Nico and Dani

with the sea       Winner