Charlie Drake (1925 – 23 December 2006 June 19) was an American actor, comedian, writer and singer. Characterized by its small stature, his red and curly hair and his taste for slapstick, was a popular comedian among children in their early years.


His real name was Charles Edward Springall and was born in London. His name derives from his mother’s maiden name.

Drake first appeared on stage at the age of eight and after leaving school toured the clubs of workers. After serving in the Royal air force during the Second World War, Drake turned professional, debuting on television in 1953 with the Centre show. Later joined his comrade during the war, Jack Edwardes, which formed a comedy duo named “Mick and Montmorency falls”. In 1954 he appeared with Bob monkhouse in the film “Fast and Loose”.

He appeared in the television programs Laughter in Store (1957), drake progress (1957), Charlie drake in… (1958-1960) and the Charlie drake show (1960 to 1961). Charlie drake show by the BBC broadcast had to be suspended in 1961 in an accident suffered by the actor while filming a comic scene. He suffered a fractured skull, remaining three days unconscious. She not returned to the screen until two years after the accident.

Television fame provided shooting four films, although none was a great success – Sands of the Desert (1960), petticoat pirates (1961), the cracksman (1963) and mr Ten percent (1967). He returned to the medium television in 1963 with the Charlie drake show, winning a Golden rose in 1968.

Other shows were Who is Sylvia (1967) and slapstick and old Lace (1971), but the applause was the worker (1965-1970).

The Worker

In the worker (Associated Television / Independent Television (ITV)) played to a worker in perpetual situation of unemployment which in each episode, was sent to start a new job by always frustrated Mr. Pugh (Henry mcgee), the local employment agency. All work ended in disaster.

He also recorded a number of disks, most produced by George martin for the Parlophone label, (see discography). The first, splish splash, a song of rock and roll originally recorded by Bobby darin, entered top 10 best-selling albums of United Kingdom, but the rest were mostly humorous songs. One of them, My Boomerang won’t ‘ Don’t Come Back had a modest success in the United States, where most of his work was not known.

Peter Gabriel, after leaving Genesis in late 1975, produced the single “You Never Know” for Drake (UK Charisma), but had few sales.

Late career

Drake returned to serious interpretation in the 1980s, winning criticism for his role as Touchstone in the work of Shakespeare as you like it (Festival Ludlow), as well as a prize for his work in the piece of harold pinter the caretaker. Drake was also Smallweed adaptation of the BBC bleak house (1985). Another movie of the BBC that appeared was Philippine Dreamgirls. His last theatrical performances were with jim davidson, an adult version of Cinderella called SINderella.


Drake suffered a stroke in 1995, after which he retired in Brinsworth House in London, a home to actors and artists, governed by the Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund. He stayed until the time of his death, occurrence December 23, 2006, after suffering new stroke the previous night.[ 1 ] [ 2 ]


* Splish Splash / Hello My Darlings (1958) # 7

* It volare / Itchy Twitchy Feeling (1958) # 28

* Tom Thumb’s Tune / Goggle Eye Ghee (1958)

* Is Cruise / Starkle Starkle Little Twink (1959)

* Naughty / Old Mr Shadow (1960)

* Mr Custer / Glow Worm (1960) # 12

* My Boomerang won’t ‘ Don’t Come Back / She My Girl (1961) # 14, # 21 U.S.; # 1 Australia

* Tanglefoot / Drake Progress (1962)

* I Bent My Assegai / Sweet Freddy Green (1962)

* I’ve Lost The End Of My Yodeling / I can’t, Can’t I (1963)

* I’m Too Heavy For The Light Brigade / The Reluctant Tight-Rope Walker (1964)

* Charles Drake 007 / Bumpanology (1964)

* Only A Working Man / I’m A Boy (1965)

* Don’t Trim My Wick / Birds (1966)

* Who Is Sylvia / I Wanna Be A Group (1967)

* Puckwudgie / toffee And Tears (1972) # 47

* You Never Know (1976) (produced by Peter Gabriel)

* Punk Super (Parody, 1976)