Scott Forbes (1920 – 25 February 1997 September 11) was a film and television, actor and screenwriter, of British nationality.

Early years

His full name was conrad Scott-forbes, and was born in High Wycombe, England. He studied at Repton School, an independent school near Derby, and later studied interdisciplinary (philosophy, politics and Economics) PPE at balliol college, Oxford. After his studies, and to devote to the interpretation, he worked for the Ministry of defence.

Acting career

In the 1940s Forbes used the stage name of julian Dallas, acting in Night Boat to Dublin (1946), Mrs. fitzherbert (1947), But Not in Vain (1948), this was a woman (1948) and the reluctant widow (1950). He also appeared in the theatre as Julian Dallas, spending a year in Liverpool Old Vic in London under the direction of john gielgud in the cradle song, among other works.

Not having enough British jobs, he decided to move to the United States, where he quickly found film work. Initially it focused mainly in roles of action films of Warner Bros. as rocky mountain (1950) and operation pacific (1951).

However, in the medium television got greater entity characters as it was a representation of “Rebeca” Winter Maxim’s for Broadway Television Theatre in 1952.[ 2 ] He was also the Duke of Cornwall in a television adaptation made in 1953 by Peter Brook’s play King Lear, with orson welles as Lear. One of his best-known roles was made in the deep six (1953), an episode of the NBC show Robert Montgomery presents. In the 1955-1956 season was also guest artist in the series the NBC western Frontier.

As a stage actor, Forbes appeared in two works within the circuit of Broadway, both with cedric hardwicke, who ran one of them. It was of Horses in Midstream with four representations in 1953 and the burning glass, in 1954 came to be represented on 28 occasions.

In 1956 Forbes starred in the TV series the adventures of jim bowie. This show of historical basis, was an instant success among the public, while some critics complained of excessive violence. Preparing your paper, Forbes perfected a southern accent with Jeanne Moody, former Miss Alabama, and with whom he had married in 1954. Series catapulted Forbes to fame, but it hampered the search for new roles.

After jim bowie in 1958, Forbes returned to England, where he performed frequently as a guest on various television dramas. In 1963 he played first in the premiere, held in London from the work of harold pinter “the lover”.

Career as a writer

Pinter was stimulated to devote himself to writing and 1964 saw “The Meter Man”, written by Forbes, and made a film version entitled “The Penthouse.”

Forbes remained active as a writer and television actor in the 1970s, and in his later years avoided public life, devoting himself to write and to classical music.

Scott Forbes died in 1997 in Swindon, England. He was 76 years old.

Selected filmography


* Night Boat to Dublin (persecution) (1946)

* Mrs. Fitzherbert (1947)

* But Not in Vain (1948)

* The Reluctant Widow (1950)

* Rocky Mountain (fire siege) (1950)

* operation pacific (silent fleet) (1951)

* Charade (1953)

* Subterfuge (subterfuge) (1968)


* Perfect Friday (1970)